My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


42. ice-skating

Aria's P.O.V

I looked my self over to make sure I looked ok, I had a dark colored pair of skinny jeans on with a 'young and reckless' aqua t-shirt, navy lacrosse varsity jacket and a pair of Roxy ankle boots. "you look adorable" Hanna said fiddling with her make-up, "thanks, to my wardrobe committee" I smiled pulling my thick hair into a curly long pony tail, "no way your keeping it down it's way to pretty to put it up, and it will fall anyway with your thickness" she snapped, I nodded and put the hair tie around my wrist.  I adjusted my part and combed my fingers threw it, "just a sec." I raced down stairs and grabbed a banana for breakfast. I came back up stairs and threw one to Hanna. "nope!" she grabbed the banana out of my hand and took a bite, "you just brushed your teeth and put on makeup your not eating". I raised an eyebrow and barred my teeth like a angry dog, "cuute" she laughed finishing them off. "maybe the reason your so thin is because all you eat for breakfast is a banana" , I slapped my stomach and smiled "I 'm not really that thin, but thanks", she stood up next to me "I can't fit into your stretch sweat pants honey your thin", I just rolled my eyes and laughed "why don't we ask cosmo magazine". At that moment I herd the doorbell ring, I quickly turned to Hanna Then to my door and back to Hanna, "GO!" she shouted. I finally grabbed my skates dashed to the door with Hanna behind me, I open the door to Niall who was dressed in a dark sweater and tan saggy pants, his hair looked perfect.


Niall's P.O.V

her hair looked amazing it was in her regular soft curls but something about her looked different than the other days. "hey" I finally made out, "hey" she smiled and pushed some hair behind her ear, "you look great" I couldn't help but say, "thanks, you to" she slipped out the door. "oh god I'm sorry! this is Hanna and she is..." her eyes flickered nervously to her friend, I hadn't even noticed she was standing there, "erm.. leaving! I had to pick up my spandex for dance next week, thanks Vans see you next week" she slipped past us and headed  to her range rrover.


Aria's P.O.V

I mentally thanked Hanna for the quick save, "no prob see ya" I called over my shoulder, I turned back to Niall and nervously smiled. "Vans?" he questioned, I laughed softly "I have an giant collection of the shoe and take out all the laces so she's been calling me that since she found out", we started to the car "I like them" he said hopping in the car.


  "your feet smell" I laughed as niall struggled with his left skate, "not as bad as yours did!" he teased laughingly when he finally got it on his foot. I couldn't help but laugh, "that's why I had to sit in the front seat after any lacrosse practice because when I took my shoes off it smelt like rubbish" I laughed, "I have to sit in the front when we go on trips with the boys because apparently I fart to much" he helped me up laughing, "no one worse than my brother" I giggled as we walked to the entrance of the rink. "I'd have to ask the boys about that one.. so by the way what's lacrosse?" he questioned, I smiled "it's a Florida sport I used  go there in the summer and compete, but since my brothers gone I don't anymore", he nodded and we stepped onto the ice, "does your team have a name?", I wobbled a bit as we skated to the middle of the ring, "yeah it was the Sun Stikers" I answered trying to keep an equal concentration on Niall and not falling. I stared at the placement of my feet to regain balance, "I can see the name Sun Strikers fitting you, but you don't look as striking on ice" he cracked a smile, I burst out laughing "you got that right for sure" I slipped a little. "you'll get used to it...eventually" he swerved out in front of me and did a perfect spin then rejoined me "thanks for the motivation" I cackled at his showoff, he smiled shyly. We slowly made our way to the edge I finally got some sturdiness on the ice, "so when is your brother coming again?" Niall tore my concentration and I slipped and landed on my bum, we both started cracking up hysterically, "ar-re you ok-k?" he said when his laugh became a giggle, "yeah, help me up?", he held his hands out to me I grabbed his warm hands and started to 'get up' but pulled him down next to me, and we started laughing again. some people angrily swerved around us and others snickered as they past us as we burst out laughing on the ground. finally Niall rose to his feet and helped me up, "no more falls" he wrapped an arm around my waist and brought me into himself to sturdy me. "thanks" I felt me cheeks grow warm, "no problem, so whens he coming again?", "um... he should be down in a couple days he said he was going to bring someone along", he nodded  "hungry at all" he asked looking towards the exit, "starving"

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