My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


20. Confusion 101

Aria's P.O.V
I clicked on the lite up banner on my phone,
Malik-VH: hey
Every time he texted me I laughed because of the VH behind his name V.eryical H.air.
Malik-VH: erm hru?
Me: good u?
Malik-VH: I'm fine but Lou accadenly pushed harry down the stairs and he's passed out...
Me: ZAYN wtf?!?! Y didt u tell me that 1 thing
Malik-VH: sorry didt want to rush in2 it do it would b over whelming anyway can u come over 2 the hospital I think he might want u
Me: of corse... But idk where it is
Malik-VH: ok I'll come get u c u soon
Well that's not what you expect everyday! I rushed over to Ricky "boy we got a problem and I got to go", he looked at me understanding we didt have time for a usual rinse down. I kissed his muzzel "sorry it's an emergence", he pushed his head into my shoulder as if it was a comforting hug, i smiled "thanks" and then lead him to his stall. He gave me loveing/careing/sorry eyes. I threw him a flake of hay "see you soon". I dashed into the house and changed into my vans when someone knocked at the door... Zayn. I rushed down still in my horse smelling shirt and ansawred the door. "Zayn" I gave him a quick hug, then we dashed to the car and we were soon on the road. "is he ok?" I asked, "yeah he's fine just has a killing migraine and the doctors have to test for any brain trama" he ansawred reassuring like. "How's everyone taking it?" I asked ,"lous a mess considering its his fault, Niall's a mess to he gets really worried and stressed in times like this Liam is just chill worried but chill" he ansawred. We finally arrived and zayn lead the way to the elevator. "Why does he want to see me..." I mumbled quietly so no one could hear me. Correction zayn heard me "I don't know I guessed, I think you might be able to make Louis feel a little better to" he ansawred, "wow you have good hearing, I wasn't expecting you to hear that." finally we reached to 8th floor I was greeted by two sobbing boys and a frantically waiting third. "hey guys" I said soothing as possible, they all looked up except Louis who was to busy worrieing to hear me. I walked over to him "Lou?" I said soothingly, he looked up "it's all my fault" he whispered, I patted his back and sat with him "you didt mean to...", "but still" he sobbed. "Lou Harry will be fine and I'm positive after this it'll be like it never happened", he sat up "your right thanks" that was a lot easier than I expected, he swung his head back and stared at the wall "I'll be fine" he breathed out. Next was Niall I walked to him "Niall?" he looked up and forced a tiny smile "hey" he replied his face still wet with recent tears "are you all right?", a couple seconds went by "what if he's not ok?" Niall gave me a worried glance "what if he can't remember everything or..." he trailed off,"he's going to be fine I promiss and if he isn't I'll....... Ummm I'll do whatever you want for a whole day, he will be good as new" Niall still looked a little unconvinced I set my hand on his "your looking on the bad side of things I mean think about it what are the odds it'll be fatal?", he looked up "not likely" he seemed happier realizing the actual tiny micro fraction. "thanks" he hugged me I smiled as the vibe spiraled through me I hugged him back, "your welcome". I Finally made my way to Liam and sat next to him "hey" he said, "hey" I replied, "so whens he coming out?" he asked, "I don't know just got here", at that instant a confused Harry stumbled out at turned in a circle like a confused toddler "where are we?" he asked, then he looked around at all of us "aria,Lou,Niall,zayn,Liam" he whispered oddly, "why is everyone so sad" he laughed, "opps forgot to tell you why your here mr.styles you erm passed out" the doctor whispered rather loudly. He looked bewildered at the statement then a flash of memory came to his face "oh yea", the doctor looked at us and confronted "he dosent have and brain trama he just is a little stunned by what happened, he remembers everything just right before he fell" then the doctor exited the room.

Niall's P.O.V
I was so relieved to see Harry ok and back to normal. I jumped up alond with Lou and gave him a giant hug "ok guys I know I'm hard to resist but come on seriously" he said sarcastically, "deffinatly same old Harry" I said happily. He walked over to Aria and hugged her "I'm glad you came" he said into her hair, even though Harry's like a brother I still got a vibe a jealousy when he openly just hugged her like that. Harry basically pushed her down on the couch when they hugged he then rolled over next to her. She took his hand and fumbled with one of his braclets I finally got up and moved to sit so I didt look like a idiot. I watched them talk and talk, I don't know why but it just tore me apart to watch them laugh and be like that together. I mean when Lou and I both liked Eleanor I didt feel like this when they were together like that or even kissed.... Finally she got up and looked at me and smiled my heart jumped and I immediately smiled. She pouted a little "I have to go ride Luna still see you guys soon" she got up and hugged harry, then zayn,liam and Lou she finally reached me I grabbed her into a hug before she could shit!!! I didt mean to do that I thought she wrapped her arms around me and fumbled with my hair in the back of my head chilled rolled through me I hugged her tighter we finally let go. Zayn started walking towards us and I shot him a 'let me take her home or die!' face and he smiled and nodded "im to tired to drive Niall will you take her back?" I smiled to myself "sure" and at that we walked to the elevator and made our way to the car.
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