My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


28. Car ride

Aria's P.O.V
Niall reached for my broken hand, "why do you hold my broken hand?" I asked gentley,"I don't know I just like it cause it's hurt, and it makes me feel nice to hold it." he reached for the other "no I like that" I reached for his hand with the broken one. Harry took the other "I have to pack see you in a mineut" he squeezed it than let go, my eyes flickered between Harry and Niall "ok see you soon". Niall lead me out the door and into his room, "do you have any thing for tomorrow?" he asked letting my hand free, "I have my stuff from dance I think that will be good" I remembered setting my bag down. "Ok but I'll bring an extra shirt incase you get cold" he smiled, "thanks" I smiled back. Dling!!!! My phone screamed, I check it, my grandma was calling "sorry! Just a sec" I pulled my phone to my ear, "hey" I said to the phone, "hey love!, Phil called me today he says he misses you and is coming down soon" I smiled, phil was like a second brother to my both of his parents had run off when he was young so he lived with his uncle, he was basically apart of our family even though his uncle was extreamly friendly, "I'll call him later" I said into the phone. "but the reason I called is your father..." she trailed, I furrowed my eyebrows, 'be right back' I mouthed to Niall, who was waiting patiently. I departed from the room "what happend?" I asked, "he's not coming back he said he can't stand being in your house with out your mum and he would come visit but can't stay or he'll be to depressed" she softly confronted, "oh we'll it's nice to know he didt forget about me" I dragged out, "he didt forget about you! We talked forever about you and Alex he even said you could have the house and that he loves you and misses you" I smiled at that, "thanks, I got to go i'll call you soon" I happily said, "bye bye" come visit to grandpa misses you!" she said, "ok bye!" I hung up. I spun around and nearly bumped into Harry, "was that your mum?" he smiled, I guess he didt know "it was my grandma" I smiled, "oh my grandma died when I was young" he smiled weakly, "awe I'm sorry my mum died when I was about six" I hugged him, he hugged me back, "I should be the sorry one! I didt mean to bring that up" he hugged tight, "it's nothing to lay back on its fine" I looked up smiling, "ok i have to go help Lou see you" he pulled away, "bye" I walked back to Nialls room. He was zipping up his bag "you looked a little worried on the phone every thing ok" he smiled leading me out the door, "yeah i misunderstood" my hand drifted into his "your like a mind reader sometimes" I smiled as we climbed into there orange van, wow! Back it there orange van?, "wow cute car" I climbed in next to Harry, Liam made a weird face at me from the next seat with being me copied back to him. "what are you two doing!" Niall laughed, "just a friendly facial convo" I replied crossing my eyes at Niall, "nice" he laughed out, Harry made a kissy face at me, that I made moose antlers to. "guys scooch I still need room" Niall smiled still at the car door, we all scooched a little then Harry pulled me onto his lap, "if you don't mind" he poked his head over my shoulder, "your really warm" I smiled as Niall climbed in. "lets take a pic" Harry wiped out his phone, I laughed "only if Niall and Liam are in it", "fine" he smiled. I pulled Niall into the picture and Harry did the same to Liam, Harry peeked over my shoulder and kissed my cheek my heart fluttered a bit. Niall kissed the other side more butterfly explosions, we snapped the pic. "you guys" I smiled, "what" Niall laughed, I leaned over and kissed his forhead and then kissed Harrys, "now we're even" I smiled. "hey gurl!" Liam shouted across the car, "gotta tell ya something I'll text you" he smiled slyly, "ok?" I replied. A couple seconds later my phine pinged and as he said it was Liam
Liam: I found this thing Niall wrote in and your in it wanna look?
Me: LIAM! I can't read it it's his, but is it good or bad?
Liam: suit yourself and it's amazing it's so sweet and... I don't want to tell you the rest it was wrong of me to look through it but I think it will actually be better if u find out yourself
Me: ok we should stop now so no1 wonders
Liam: kk bye
Harry rested his head over my shoulder, "what was that about?" he asked pulling me in closer, "just something..." I trailed off, "was it about how much I like icecream?" he smiled, I laughed "no, why would he tell me that?" I giggled, "because you smell like icecream, can I have a bite?!" he laughed, and lightly bit my shoulder, "Harry!" I laughed, he tickled my stomach and playfully "stop it", I pushed at his hands. "and if I don't?" he argued, "I don't know... I'll do something for you" I said though laughs, "ok you owe me a hug" he smiled stopping, "you could've gotten a hug without trying to tickle me to death" I laughed, "but that was funner" he peeked over my shoulder, "funner you have amazing grammar" I teased, "oh hush or I'll tickle you agian or maybe take another picture of you" he smiled, "no pictures!" I hid my face in my hands. "so you'll take pictures with your horse but not me" he pouted, i did to he leaned over and whispered "I dont get why you don't like pictures", I brushed a curl out oh his face and whispered, "im not photogenic at all", he looked at me caring and conserned "you take pictures and you look amazing, stop being so harsh on yourself the only reason some people look like models in some pics is because they take a lot and edit them untill there perfect" he whispered, I turned and hugged him "that means alto thanks", he smiled "that hug didt count", I rolled my eyes "how much longer?" I shouted up front, "like two mineuts love" Louis shouted back. I squirmed a little "your lap dosent stay as comfortable after 30 mineuts in a crammed car" I stated, "thanks" he laughed as we pulled into the parking lot.
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