My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


29. Camp time!

Aria's P.O.V
We all scurried out of the car and gathered all the equipment and stuff. Niall was loaded with duffle bags with one in his mouth, "need some help there?" I smiled. He nodded, I took the bag from his mouth, "thanks" he said ajusting the other bags so he had a free hand, he reached for some of the stuff I was holding, "no no you already have enough" I protested, "I can take another thing" he reached, "I can carry it myself don't worry I'm a rider remember" I winked picking up a bag of fire wood. "fine" he threw his free hand up in defeat then smiled, zayn came over with a two tents over his shoulder, "can you hand me that small black bag" he pointed, "is it your hair supplies?" I teased, "may-be" he took it from me. We all hopped down the beach till we found the perfect spot than we dropped all the stuff and started to set up. I helped Louis with a tent as the other boys set up, "Lou what is that?" I pointed to the purple stick he was holding, "I don't know but I think it will look cool if we attach it some how" he answared ,"you kinda have to make the tent first" he walked off, "so I don't get any help?" I pulled his sleeve, "I'm going to help zayn organize his hair products first" he walked off, "be right back" I sighed and continued, I was about done I just needed to connect two ends it the top that I could barley reach, I felt a warm body reach over me and connect the top. I turned to find Harry inches from me, my heart fluttered at the closeness "thanks" I smiled, "no prob can I get my hug now?" his eyes drifted down, "not yet I'll give it to you soon though" I winked and streatched up. "we finished!" I herd from the group feet away, "finally!" I gasped walking to the rest of the group. "what time is it?" I asked as Harry shuffled behind me, "eight fifteen" zayn said fixing his hair, Niall walked over with something slung over his shoulder, "what's first?" he asked joining us, "we could play nerf capture the flag" Louis shouted pulling out a nerf gun, "what's that" I asked stupidly, "it's capture the flag but you get to shoot people with nerf guns" Lou snickered, "I call Lou" Harry shouted pulling Lou by the sleeve, "I call aria!" zayn shouted, "Niall!" I yelled gesturing him to our team, "Liam has the best aim smooth move" Lou evilly smiled. "we got this" I smiled turning back to my team, "I'll keep gard if you two find and get there flag" zayn smiled, "ok but who hides the flag?" Niall smiled and rubbed his thumb across my hand, "I'll do that to since you guys get the fun part" zayn brushed his hair with his hand, "are the underdogs ready!?" Liam teased for the other team, "yeah, little drags just gotta pin the flag" zayn smiled, "same" Harry glanced between me and zayn, "you get two mineuts to hide, ready go!" Louis shouted and the two boys bolted off. "I have a plan" I whispered to Niall, "I do to what's yours?" he asked softly, "Harry ran west, where there are sand dunes it's going to be near thoughs, and he will leave foot prints. We can find the flag easy it's just who ever is Garding that's our problem" I whispered, "yours is better than mine" he smiled as zayn made his way back a mineut early, Harry was still gone.

Harry's P.O.V
I was smart enough to run past the spot I was hiding the flag to get them off track by my foot prints, when I stopped I wrote in the sand 'gotcha! Xx Harry' then I walked back to the spot near the dunes where I originally planned on hiding it. Coving up my trail, I was almost out of time so I bust into running, but something was off my pockets felt almost lighter?

Aria's P.O.V
Harry finally returned in the nick of time, he smiled at me slyly. "winning team gets icecream" Louis shouted. "were getting icecream" zayn slurped his lips, "you guys ready?" Liam called,"yeah" we ansawred, "go!" Lou shouted and we all scattered, to my surprise no one ran west to protect there flag just east, maybe they were a little to confident of there hiding skills, "we should run" Niall pulled me forward, we jogged keeping track of the prints, there is no way they could leave there flag unguarded without a catch, so kept my eyes out for any clues. Suddenly I saw a bright reflection I looked in its direction it was a phone, "I found someone's phone come here" I called to Niall, who was panting from running ahead he walked over and kneeled next to me. "it's Harry's, he must of dropped it while he hid the flag" Niall smiled picking it up and checking it over, "good job" he high fived me, "the flag is probably in the back of the dunes" I smiled walking into the brush searching for the flag, "be careful!" Niall hurried behind me. Niall picked up a piece of blue cloth, "found it!" he laughed reaching me into a tight hug, I felt myself lean into his hug unintentionally. We started back to the camp spot hand in hand, "let's mess with his phone" Niall laughed unlocking it and clicked on the picture app, I giggled "let's take a vidio of our victory" . "nice" he clicked the play button, "hey Harry!" niall said to the phone, "we found your phone... And your teams flag!" I smiled to the camera, "you thought you were so slick trying to set us off corse you dropped your phone" Niall smiled, "who's the underdog now!" I laughed, "that's ok we're still webhorsty" Niall slung a arm over my shoulder and I held his hanging hand, "but sty decided to go on a different team so we one!" I smiled, "woohoo! Ha ok bye now" Niall shut off the camera. "we should run so they don't beat us back" Niall's arm fell from my shoulder and gripped my broken hand, "let's go!" I said pulling him into a jog.

As we expected we beat them to home base, I hung there flag on the empy flag post and sat back with Niall. "what time is it?" I asked looking up at the stars, "around nine twenty" he checked his phone and streatched, his shirt lifted when he streached reveling his perfectly toned stomach, how much hotter could he get? I leaned back into his arm "what happends now?" I asked shutting my eyes, he relaxed a fraction more "we have to text them and tell then we found the flag" he leaned back his head so we matched positions. I took out my phone and texted Louis
Me: beat ya! Haha got your flag and found harrys phone
Lou: I was really looking forward to that ice cream thanks :(
Me: now u get to watch the "underdogs" eat ice cream and you don't get any lol

Seconds later everyone was back at the camp site, "did you loose something?"I waved Harry's phone in the air, he smiled "I never loose capture the flag, how did you find the flag?" he asked taking his phone and sat next to me, he layed his hand ontop of mine. I felt Niall's arm tense a little when he sat. "your phone reflects light and we saw that, and then we just started looking around and found it" I smiled, "I knew I should've gone with your team" Harry stroked my upper arm sending shocks threw my body, "we should go get ice cream" Niall tightend his arm around my shoulders, "good idea" he helped me up and reached for my broken hand and stroaked the top, "you really like this hand" I smiled, "I told you why.."he kissed the top it sent butterflies threw my body, "your so sweet" I looked at my shoes, "thanks" he said grabbing the ice creams and turning to go walk back, he stroaked it a couple more times, we made it back to our seats and a fire was lit. Niall scootched closer to me so our arms touched, I smiled to myself. "I think I should tast that and make sure the flavors right" Harry smiled, I rolled my eyes and smiled "nope" I popped the p, he leaned in and attempted to sneek I lick but I swerved out of the way leaving him licking air, he attempted again, "nooo" I laughed jumping into Niall's lap, "well hello there" Niall smiled laughing, "come on one bite" Harry pleaded, "no!" I smiled, niall hid my face with his hands, "no ice cream for youu" Niall said in a squeaky voice, Harry pouted. Niall pulled me higher on his lap, a smiled creeped on my lips. "no no" I flicked Harry's nose, he crinkled his nose cutely, I copied him. I felt warm arms encircle me. Butterflies. I leaned back into Niall, Niall,Niall. "if I play, will you play after?" he pulled a guitar case out from behind him. "I don't know-w" I stuttered tracing a finger around the neck of the case, "pleeeaase for me?" he begged, I nodded slowly "that's my girl" he smiled pulling me into a backwards hug and kissed my forehead. My heart fluttered, "hey!" Harry tapped my shoulder I spun my head towards him, he bit into my cone "Harry! You trader" I laughed switching hands for my cone, "sorry I told you I liked ice cream" he smiled and leaned back on his elbows, another crunch "Niall! You have your own" apart of my cone stuck out of his mouth, "you can have it now" I laughed handing it to Harry, "yay!" he sounded like a toddler on its birthday, "thank you!" his smile was gigantic! "you can't give him that!" zayn yelled from the other side of the fire, "I didt he took it" I smiled, "...harry" zayn breathed. "does anyone want music" Niall exclaimed.
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