Louis and me

This story will take place when me and Louis are in 6th grade. He will
Not be famous and he will be the new kid.


1. The new kid

Ariana's POV

I was in math class bored to death. Earlier that day our teacher, Mrs Kelly had told us a new kid was going to be in our class. I guess his name is Louis Tomlinson and he is British. I wonder why he is coming to our little town? Hmmm oh well. Mrs Kelly is talking about fractions and how to simplify. Then, from the cornner of my eye I saw a figure in the door way…

Louis's POV

I had just moved to a little town with a name that I just couldn't remember. My family move here because of my dads new job. I was walking down a hall, trying to find room 16, Mrs Kelly's class. I knew a lot of people would fake being my friend because I was British. But I know I would have some good friends because to me I am just a nice likable person. Room 13,14,15,16! Finally I found it! I didn't know what to bring in so I just brought my whole backpack. Should I say hi and just stop the class? Nah I don't want to disrupt her so what I did was stand at the door way looking around at the class…
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