Louis and me

This story will take place when me and Louis are in 6th grade. He will
Not be famous and he will be the new kid.


4. Recess gone wrong

Arianas POV

The bell rang and I asked Louis if he wanted to play basketball with me and and my friends at recess, you know because he was new. He just said 'ok sure thanks' or something like that. When we got out there my friends Tori, Becca, Ian , Kelsi and a boy named Jason who has had a crush on my since 2nd grade and isn't my friend. Jason, being the jerk he is started getting snotty with Louis. 'Hey there new boy what you doing with my girl' Jason said ' um Jason what are you doing here? And I'm not your girl I'm not even friends with you' I replied. 'whatever you say princess' Jason said. I rolled my eyes and said ' ok, Me, Louis and Becca on a team then Tori, Kelsi, Ian and Jason on a team, Let's do this!' I started with the ball. passed it to Louis and he scored 'YES' we said happily and high fived. Then Kelsi started, passed it to Jason which was a big mistake because then Jason chuck the ball right at Louis nose. He fell and I rushed over to him. ' Louis are you ok?' I asked Louis felt his nose and had a bloody nose. Before Louis could answer me Jason butted in said 'ops sorry newbie! You better look out next time.' Right when he said that I got up and slapped really hard. He stormed off very red. I rushed Louis to the office to let them take a look at him.
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