Louis and me

This story will take place when me and Louis are in 6th grade. He will
Not be famous and he will be the new kid.


15. Perfect park moment

Ariana's POV:


When I got home from school I got a text fro Louis.

Louis: hey ariana :)

Me: what up Lou?

Louis: i jst wanted to know if you wanted to have a picnic with me at the park?

Me: sure what time do u want me to meet you?

Louis: well its five right now so what about 6?''

Me: sounds good C U there : D

I had to get ready so I took a shower and then went to pick my outfit.

I chose a pink skirt thats flows and it was a little bit higher than my knees ad a green tank top with a jeen vest and some sandels

I grabbed my phone and headed to the park.


When I got there I saw Louis on a blanket looking at the sky

"hey boobear"

"Ariana, Hey wanna start eating?"


he poured me some iced tea and then got the food out.

after we ate we went on the swings

"hey wanna jump off?" i asked

"Yeah! lets do it!"

"1 2   3"

and with that we both jumped off and landed in the grass.

Then we layed on the grass when fireworks went off, wait they said something..

'Ariana Will You Go To Prom With Me?'

I looked at Louis and he just smile

"will you" he aske

"yes!" i said while huging him


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