Louis and me

This story will take place when me and Louis are in 6th grade. He will
Not be famous and he will be the new kid.


3. Louis

'Class this is Louis' I heard Mrs Kelly say. I mumbeld hi with the rest of the class and pushes my brown wavy hair out of my brown eyes. Then I looked, Louis was looking at me. We made eye contact and I kinda got a weird feeling. 'Louis you sit next to Ariana right over there' Mrs Kelly pointed to a sit right next to me. My friend Tori gave me a stare with her eyebrows going up and down with a little funny smile. Louis walk over to the sit, put down his backpack and sat down.
'Hello' he said. His British accent sounded beautiful. 'Hi' I said. He asked what we were doing and I told him math.

Louis's POV

When Mrs Kelly told me I sat next to the girl all I could think was Yes. I asked her what we were doing and all she said was math. I said my name was Louis and she said her named was Ariana. I thought to myself 'what a beautiful name' then the bell rang snapping me out of my thoughts 'it's time for lunch and recess, we go to recess first' Ariana said 'ok cool thanks' I said 'you wanna play basketball with me and my friends?' she asked and since I didn't know anyone I just said 'sure'…
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