Louis and me

This story will take place when me and Louis are in 6th grade. He will
Not be famous and he will be the new kid.


5. Lou?

Louis's POV

When we got outside her friends were out there. But one of them seemed to already hate me. I guess his name was Jason so he asked me what I was doing with his girl and my yeast sank a little but I felt better when Ariana said that it wasn't true. Ariana decided that I was on her team with another girl named Becca. Jason was on the other team which just didn't seem good for me. When we started the game I made a basket and my and Arian high fived which was awesome. But when Jason had the ball he chucked right in my nose. Ariana rushed over to my as soon as I fell which means that she cared about me. She asked if I was alright and then I realized that I had a bloody nose. Joy a bloody nose on the first day of my new school. 'Sorry newbie, better look out next time' Jason said. Right then she got up slapped him and we went to the office.

Ariana's POV

When we got to the office we sat down and the lady went to get tissues. 'Sorry about Jason he is such a jerk and he has had a crush on my since 2nd grade. I feel horrible Lou' I said 'Lou?' he ask
'yeah Lou short for Louis' I said

Louis's POV

Ariana was telling me how Jason has had a crush on her since 2nd grade and and then she said 'I feel horrible Lou' 'Lou?' I asked 'yeah Lou short for Louis'
Wow first day and I already have a crush,hater and a nickname. When the office lady brought the tissue Ariana decided to wipe away my blood. Then while she was doing it our eyes meant and we leaned in closer and kissed but then when we heard ohhhhs we remembered we were in th office. But i didn't stop because there were sparkes and I'm pretty sure she felt them too.
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