Louis and me

This story will take place when me and Louis are in 6th grade. He will
Not be famous and he will be the new kid.


10. high school

Arianas POV:


I am now  in high school. A seinor . Well me and Louis are still great friends,Wait scrach that we are BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!!! But heres the thing that changed with Louis he is dating my friend Tori remember her? Yeah well im fine with that but im single with kinda buges me cuz in A month its prom! Yeah well some boys asked me but i said no. So anyways me and Louis have the same classes so we headed to Math." so are you excited for prom?" i ask Louis "kinda but the thing is me and Tori broke up cuz you kow i just wasnt feeling it anymore" my heart started to beat really fast. What NO I am NOT gonna fall for Louis no matter how sweet and kind and hott and.. ARIANA STOP i told myself. "oh im so sorry but why did you break up you guys were so cute together?" I asked " well like i said i wasnt feeling it and i kinda like someon else now" he said "WHO???" I ask "you dont need to know missy" he said with a smile "Whatever Lou the poo" i replied. I only call him that when im playful mad at him.

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