Luckiest girl in the world

Niamh has won a backstage pass to one directions concert. She is very excited.
She meets niall's eyes
Instant love or hate?


1. The win

Niamh was sitting at home with her family one night
When a channel 7 ad came on with flashing colours which draws her away from her phone. Niamh had entered a competition months ago for a chance to win one backstage pass to one directions concert, which included meeting them. And when Niamh looked up from her phone she saw her name in large letters on the screen and above her name was one word, winner. She was over the moon she was jumping around the room for she couldn't contain her excitement. When she had calmed down they rang the channel as instructed and confirmed her address for the ticket to be delivered to, but Niamh couldn't talk on the phone without our crying or laughing she was so excited.
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