This Kiss {Completed}

After her parents die Bianca Gray moves from her hometown Leesburg, VA to San Diego, CA to live with her grandmother. After wiping out while surfing and getting saved by Louis Tomlinson well her life changes completely (: So uh read it ^^
Note: This story is dedicated to my friend Bianca who is a Louis lover (:
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22. The Truth

Chapter 22


"YOU'RE LEAVING ME??" I cried at Olivia and Elizabeth. Olivia gave me a look as Elizabeth just acted like she barely heard me. Olivia moved her eyes to quickly look at Elizabeth and then back at me, meanfully.


"But nothing, Bianca. We are going to Disneyland to have some fun with our boyfriends--"

"Way to rub it in," I mumbled.

"--And you're just going to have to stay home and get over it. Besides, you'll have the house to yourself," continued Olivia, acting like she didn't hear me. I sighed.

"I suppose you're--"

"HEY GUYS I'M HOME!" cried Eleanor carrying about a billion shopping bags. I groaned outwardly and just looked at her.

"Yeah. Home alone, huh?" Olivia shrugged.

"Entertain her," she hissed. Then she dragged Elizabeth out the door.

"What's wrong with her?" asked Eleanor looking concerned for Elizabeth's well-being. I just waved my hand, dismissing the subject. I fell into the couch and turned on the TV. I just settled for Doctor Who reruns, and made myself comfy. Eleanor sat on the floor with her shopping bags surrounding her.

"Isn't this just adorable?" she cried, holding out a cute tanktop. I shrugged and said, "Kinda."

I tried replying to her but after a while, I realized that she'll still keep going if I just...didn't reply to her.

"This is so CUTE! Isn't this so cute?"


"AWWW! I had to buy this, it was just so cute."


"This is so cute! Everything's just so cute!"


"This town is cute! The boys are cute! This house is cute! The beach is cute! The waves are cute! Your room is cute! This room is cute! The people are so cute! You're cute! Your friends are cute! Everything's just so CUTE!"

"Sure..." I said turning off the TV, "You know, Eleanor. Do you want to do something today?" She looked up at me with hopeful brown eyes.

"YESSSSS!! I thought you'd never ask."

And that's how I ended up here. In front of this frilly happy store. I groaned inwardly as Eleanor dragged me.

"OH EVERYTHING'S JUST SO CUTE!" she cried happily.

"I swear, if you say cute one more time, I will cut you up in little pieces and eat you," I said, irritated. She looked scared for a moment and then shrugged it off....and continued saying cute.

We were at May's Diner for lunch. I was exhausted from shopping (I literally HATE shopping.)

"So," started Eleanor, mixing her milkshake with her straw before taking a dainty sip. Everything she does is so darn dainty!

"What?" I asked, still irritated.

"What did Jack do that makes you so scared of him?" asked Eleanor. I just looked at her, and then looked away.


"I mean, last night, you were sleep talking about it. And you sounded really upset. And no one will tell me what happened!" cried Eleanor. She was silent for a moment, "Did I do something really bad by bringing him over here?" I sighed and looked at her. She looked like she was very near to tears.

"Listen, Eleanor. It was a long time ago. See, Jack is three years older than me. And when I was a freshman, I dated him. He was my first boyfriend, I didn't know anything else. My parents were going through a rough time, and so was I. He...asked me out. It was the sweetest thing. A rose is what he gave me. It was okay, for a while. I mean, everyone warned me about him. How he wasn't the greatest. How he has never been in love. And I thought I could change him. Heck, I thought I was in love with him! But after a while, he wanted things from me that I couldn't give him. That I refused to give him. And he started to...hit me. To abuse me, you know," I laughed emotionless, "One time, he locked me in a closet and told my parents I was eating over. I wasn't really. He just locked me in a closet for four hours. I was hungry and cold. And scared... Oh, those were some of the best times. Another time, he used a knife. Everytime I wouldn't kiss him, he would cut my arm. I thought it was normal, though. I thought it was so normal. That was what a relationship was like. I got bruises and pushed into lockers by him once in a while. He wasn't a boyfriend, Eleanor. He was a bully. I never really broke up with him... He broke up with me because he was going to England for college. I thought that was the end of him... Apparently not..."

"OH GOD BIANCA!" cried Eleanor leaping across the table to hug me (okay she just walked over to my side of the booth to hug me), "I had no idea!"

"I didn't expect you to have an idea, Eleanor."

"He has to leave now! Oh! What if he hurts Louis?"

"I think Louis can take care of himself."

"OH MY! It's still horrible!" she cried. I shrugged. I looked out the window, and I swore I saw Jack glaring at me from across the street.

But then he was gone.

"Did you...?"

"What?" asked Eleanor looking out the window. I shook my head.

"Never mind."



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