This Kiss {Completed}

After her parents die Bianca Gray moves from her hometown Leesburg, VA to San Diego, CA to live with her grandmother. After wiping out while surfing and getting saved by Louis Tomlinson well her life changes completely (: So uh read it ^^
Note: This story is dedicated to my friend Bianca who is a Louis lover (:
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26. MIA and Bad News

Niall's POV (cont. from chapter 24)

"I promise I won't." She smiled. A few seconds my phone rang. 'Thanks for ruining the moment Liam.' I thought when I saw the caller ID. "What's up mate?" I asked trying not sound like I was annoyed. "Niall! You gotta get home. Louis' freaking out." "Why? Did someone touch his carrots again?" 'What the heck was he talking about?' Elizabeth was looking at me strangely mouthing "What?" every 2 seconds. "Hold on" I mouthed back. She shrugged. "Not this time. Bianca's disappeared. Eleanor called him a few minutes ago panicking." "Are you sure she wasn't pulling your leg?" I asked. "I thought that too but Louis knows her well. She was freaking out." "Alright we'll be there in a bit." "Alright mate see ya." And we hung up. "What was that about?" Elizabeth asked still looking at me strangely. "I'll tell you when we get back." I said getting up and holding my hand out for her. She took it and just looked at me. "Niall. Please tell me." She was using her puppy dog face. 'Darn that always got me. Resist, resist.' I told myself. "I promise I'll tell you when we get back." She sighed. "Dang it. I need to work on my puppy dog face." She muttered under breath. I snickered. "What?" She laughed. "Your face didn't work..." I laugh-mumbled. "I know." She looked at the ground and stopped walking.

*10 minutes later*

We practically burst through the door when we got back. "We got here as soon as we could! WHERE'S THE FIRE?!" I yelled. Elizabeth laughed. "Ignore him. Now will somebody please tell me... WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?!" She looked around. Olivia was crying into Liam's chest, Louis leaning on Harry and we were just standing here like complete clueless idiots. "Guy's what going on?" I asked plopping down the couch next to Elizabeth. She looked worried now too. "Bianca's been...been..." Olivia started then started crying again. Liam hugged her tight. "Been what?" "Kidnapped." Liam finished for Olivia. "How do you know for a fact? I know you said she was missing but didn't say..." "It's Jack" Louis spoke up. "He's been gone for a long time. And I was texting Bianca before and then Eleanor called..." He couldn't finish and broke down. Poor Louis. I looked at Elizabeth. I could see tears in her eyes too. I put my arm around her shoulder. She leaned in and put her head on my shoulder. "We'll find her Louis." Liam stated. I looked at him and mouthed 'How?' when Louis wasn't looking. He mouthed back 'We'll find a way'. I nodded.

Olivia's POV

I hated to cry in front of Liam but seriously. My best friend in the entire world was missing! How could one stay calm at this point? I tell you who. NO ONE. Liam was stroking my hair and kissing my forehead but absolutely nothing was working. I couldn't take this pain anymore. "I can't take this anymore!" And I sprinted out the room and out the front door tears running down my face. Since sprinting isn't the best thing to do when you're sad I got the beach and sat down near the water not caring one bit that my shorts probably had sand on them. I looked up at the clear blue sky and started praying silently. I prayed that we find Bianca and that she was safe. And that she'd FINALLY admit she still loved Louis and get back together with him already! I mean seriously! She was on his Twitter often enough! I felt strong hands on my shoulders seconds later. I looked up and there was Liam. "Hey." I said. "Hi you ok? You ran outta there pretty quick.." He sat down beside me. "Yeah I will be. Eventually." I sighed. "We'll find her I promise. Plus Louis will make sure of it." "Yeah but still. I'm SO worried!" I emphasized worried. "I know are. We all are. After you left Louis ran to the kitchen, got his carrots and locked himself in his room. Harry's been trying to get him out for the past like 20 minutes." I laughed. "Is Elizabeth ok?" I wondered. "Yeah she's good. She's not taking it as hard as you. She said she's known Bianca forever but they're not that close." "Yeah. I mean they talk and hang out a little bit but they're not like best friends like we are." "I figured that." "What are the other guys doing?" "Well Niall's eating... Zayn left for England like yesterday... we didn't even though he was gone until we found his letter taped to the milk. It said 'Went home to see the family and Perrie. See you in a week or so!'." "Oh that's cool... wait. You're leaving in a week?!" Now I was worried. My Liam was leaving me! We've only been together for 3 weeks and was already leaving. His facial expression said "Shoot". "Yeah... I was going to tell you but we were having so much fun and want to ruin the moment.." "Liam! We haven't even been together for a month yet and you're leaving?!" I didn't care how needy I sounded at this point. "I know it sucks but I heard Elizabeth telling Niall you're coming to our concert next summer in June (actually are! :D)?" "Yeah but that makes no difference! Wait! Did Elizabeth know? Did Niall tell her?" "No he hasn't yet and you can't tell her. Let Niall tell her himself." "She'll be crushed either way." I pointed out. He nodded. "But it won't be the same coming from you. Let him tell her. Promise me you won't tell her?" He held up his pinky. I sighed again and we locked pinkies. "Thank you. Wanna head back up?" I nodded, got up, took his hand, and started walking back.

Elizabeth's POV

Niall has been stuffing his face full of food for over a half an hour. "Ok Niall" I said taking the chip bag from him. "You've had enough." He looked at me like I had murdered someone. "No I haven't!" He said trying to get it back. I got up, walked into the kitchen, and put the bag back in the pantry. "Niall. I know you love food but eating too much well... you'll get fat." He kept giving me the same look. "You callin' me fat woman?" He asked sounding offended. I laughed and sat back down next to him. "No. I'm saying if you eat too much of this crap you will BECOME fat." "Oooh" He nodded like he understood. "But I'm still hungry" He whined. I laughed and went to the fridge. I brought him back a bag of carrots. "These aren't my crisps!" "Nope. These are healthy carrots." Suddenly Louis zipped down the stairs. "MY CARROTS!" He said snatching the bag from Niall and running back up the stairs. We busted out laughing. After we stopped laughing Niall said "See? Carrots are off limits." He smiled smugly. "Your plan was foiled." "I guess it was." I admitted. "Haha" He bragged. "I will come up with something better." I warned him. "Good luck with that babe." He said going back to watching TV. "What are you watching?" I asked looking at the screen. "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." He stated. "Are you kidding me? You watch this crap?" I asked laughing. "This isn't crap!" He protested. "Yeeeah it is. It's a bunch of skimpy girls who are famous for doing absolutely nothing. And that network was running out of ideas so they made their stupid lives into a TV show." "Um no! It's a show about the lives of hot girls." I raised my eyebrows in a "What did you just say" kinda way. He blushed. "I mean... it's crap." He quickly changed the channel. I laughed. "Good idea." I made a mental note to block that channel when he wasn't looking. Olivia and Liam walked in a few minutes later. "Oh my gosh!" I said running up to her. "Are you ok? You ran outta here pretty fast.." "I'm fine. Just needed some time." "We'll find her." "I know we will." We smiled knowingly.

*A/N Hey peoples(: Soo Bianca's gone? That stupid Jack. Don't worry bad things will be coming to him. And with the lads leaving? Hmmm... what's gonna happen when Elizabeth finds out? Hmm guess we'll find out in chapter 28 (most likely) (; So like I've been saying. Keep reading, favoriting, liking and all that jazz! :) Lates! Elizabethluvs1D xx*


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