This Kiss {Completed}

After her parents die Bianca Gray moves from her hometown Leesburg, VA to San Diego, CA to live with her grandmother. After wiping out while surfing and getting saved by Louis Tomlinson well her life changes completely (: So uh read it ^^
Note: This story is dedicated to my friend Bianca who is a Louis lover (:
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3. L-L-Louis Tomlinson?!

Bianca's POV

My grandma picked me up the airport around 4 California time. I couldn't believe they were 4 hours behind us... like back home it's 9:00. I could use to it I guess. I think my grandma sensed my mood because she asked me what was wrong.

"Bianca what's up honey? You've had that frown on your face since you got off the plane.."

I looked at her with my eyebrows raised.

"Nothing's wrong grandma, trust me" I gave her a (fake) reassuring smile. She shrugged. 

"I can't wait for you to see the house! Right on the beach." She explained excitedly.

"That's great!" I smiled for real this time. I don't think living here will that bad.

It took about half an hour to get there but it was worth it when we got there. My jaw dropped.

"Grandma! You never told you had a 3 story beach house!" My jaw still dropped.

She laughed. "Oh honey I didn't need to tell you" she patted my shoulder.

"Huh?" Now I was confused.

We walked inside and it was a an even better view. I immediately ran up to the third floor and looked out at the gorgeous view of the ocean. I could not stop smiling. This was going to be amazing! 

*about an hour later*

"Hey grandma I think I'm gonna go to the beach"

"Alright honey have a good time! Make sure you wear sunscreen"

I laughed. "Alright I will" and I walked out the back door.  I saw a surf board leaning against the side of the house. Hmm... I've never surfed before. Might as try it. I grabbed the board and I walked on the little board walk to the beach. I can walk to the beach! It's practically in my backyard! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I got onto the beach and saw the waves crashing on the shore. So beautiful!

*about 20 minutes later*

I opened my eyes and I was on the beach. What happened? Did I wipe out? I looked up and saw the most adorable guy in the entire universe. He had brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and an even beautiful smile. He had on a striped shirt and red pants. OH MY GOSH. "Are you alright love?" He asked me. I had to be hallucinating.. I mean Louis Tomlison could not be kneeling in front of me... and he could not have just saved me from drowning.. could he? "L-, L-, L-, L-ouis Tomlinson?" I stuttered. Suddenly everything went black again.

Louis' POV

Great. She passed out again. Well I do have reaction on girls. I had to get to her the doctor. She must've swallowed too much salt water and hit her head. Or maybe I'm pretty sure it was a reaction to meeting me. Alright I've got to stop being so modest. A little while later I was sitting in a small room looking that girl I saved asleep. She was so beautiful and not just because she's wearing a bikini. She looked about 16, crap. She was 4 years younger than me. But it's not 5 years so it's ok right? Her parents would never let her date me. Oh well, you never know they could be really easy going? Yeah keep dreaming Louis. Her eyes started to open again. "Hey love how you doin'?" Her eyes grew to the size of quarters again. "OH MY GOSH LOUIS TOMLINSON!" She literally screamed. Great. Another crazy fan. "Uh huh..." She noticed how uncomfortable I was. "Oh I'm sorry" she said. "I'm just a huge fan.. I never imagined meeting you like this... I imagined it much differently. Involving Niagara Falls and lots of flowers... and wedding.." "Huh?" I was little freaked out now. She blushed. "Oh nothing... so do you know what happened? I just remember seeing you and then passing out.." "Well.." I sat down on the end of her bed. "You were surfing and you were pretty good at until you tried to surf a wave that was well too big and you wiped out. You almost drowned." "And you saved me?" She asked a huge smile growing on her face. "Yep" I added a pop to the 'p'. "Wow thank you" she smiled again only this time her smile was less.. fangirlish. Wow she was gorgeous. Her brown eyes were so pretty I look into them all day. "What are you looking at me?" She broke me out of my trance. This time I blushed. "Nothing" I said looking at the ground. The nurse came in breaking the awkward silence. Thank you Lord! I thought. "You feeling better Bianca?" The nurse asked her. "Yep I'm feeling much better thank you" "Good, you're free to go whenever you want" and the nurse walked out. "Well I should get going, my grandma is probably worried sick about me" She got up and started to leave. "Wait!" I called after her. "Yeah?" "You know my name but I don't know yours.." "Oh" she blushed again. "It's Bianca" "That's a really... uh..." I didn't know what to say. "A really pretty name" Crap my cheeks are burning. "Oh uh.. thank you" Her face just as red as mine. "Do you think I could have your number?" I asked quietly. "What?" She asked confused. Come on Louis say it! "Can have your number?" "Oh sure" We exchanged phones. "Thanks" I mumbled. And she walked out. Oh crap! I left the lads on the beach. They're probably worried about me. I ran out the door as quickly as could.

Bianca's POV

I can not believe I just met Louis Tomlinson! And now I have his phone number! Best day of my life! Yeah I wiped out on a surf board but seriously I couldn't be happier. I got back home about 20 minutes later. "Bianca!" My grandma said when she saw me. "Where have you been?" I couldn't tell her I was in the hospital so I just said "Sorry grandma time just got away from me! I was having so much on the beach!" "Oh that's alright honey but next you gotta at least call me." "Ok grandma" I promised. I ran up to my room and called my best friend Olivia Allen. "Heyyy what's up?" "Guess who I met today?!" I squealed. "Who?" Olivia sounded excited. "Well... LOUIS TOMLINSON!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "OH MY GOSH DID YOU DIE?!" Olivia screamed. I laughed. "Well almost..." "What do you mean?" She asked calming down. "Well... I tried to surf and Louis said I was really good until I wiped out a big wave. And the best part is! He saved my life! This has been the best day of my life!!" I squealed again. "OH MY GOSH!!! Can I tell people?!" She asked screaming in my ear. "Ok stop yelling I think I might go deaf in this ear if you continue it." "Sorry" she said catching her breath. "And I think he fancies me.." I said quietly. "Oh come on Bianca! He's Louis Tomlinson. You're amazing and all but he's in the biggest boy band in the world (FACT!) he's not going to go for a normal girl like you and I." "I guess so.." "But I mean I wouldn't doubt your instinct just don't get hurt ok?" I nodded. "I gotta go Olivia my grandma's calling me" It was really Louis on the other line calling me. And you can not pass up that! "Ok byee" she said and hung up. I switched over to talk to Louis. "Hi Bianca" he said when I picked up. I felt like screaming my head off. But I couldn't so I quietly fangirled. "Hey Louis" I said calmly but on the inside I was jumping up and down. Ok so I was jumping up and down on the outside too but I wasn't gonna tell him that! "What's up?" He asked. "Oh nothin' just uh... reading." I picked up my book from my nightstand. "Oh cool which one?" He asked. "Oh just.. an interesting book..." An interesting book? I am an such idiot. I'm talking to Louis Tomlinson! Come on Bianca get it together! "Cool... so I was wondering... if you wanted to hang out later? You know meet the lads and everything..." OMG I'M GONNA MEET ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!! I screamed on the inside. "Oh sure that sounds like fun" "Alright um what time?" I looked at my beside clock. It said 2:30.. "How 'bout 4?" I suggested. "Sure sounds good... want my address?" "Oh sure" OMG I'M GONNA HANG OUT WITH LOUIS AT HIS ACTUAL HOUSE!!!! I've gotta stop doing that... note to self.. don't do that in front of Louis. "Oh sure" I said trying to keep calm. After we hung up I turned on "Up All Night" (the CD not the song) and quickly called Olivia again. "OMG GUESS WHAT?!" I screamed when she picked up. "WHAT?!" She screamed back. "I'M GONNA MEET AND HANG OUT WITH ONE DIRECTION AT LOUIS' ACTUAL HOUSE!!!!" "OH MY GOSH!!" "I KNOW!!!" I could she was jumping up and down too. "Bianca!" My grandma shouted from downstairs. "Keep it down!" Oops. "Sorry grandma!" I shouted back. "Ok we gotta stop yelling, or else I'll blow my grandma's ear drum." "Sorry I'm just so happy and jealous at the same time!" "I know" I bragged. "Well what are you gonna wear?" Oh crap! I forget about that. I've got an hour and half to find the perfect outfit. "Wanna Skype me and I can help you?" She suggested. "Sure!" And we hung up. I logged onto my computer and Skyped Olivia. "Heyyy" She said when popped up on the screen. "Heyy" "Arlight we got 90 minutes! Let's find that outfit!" I threw open my closet doors and started pulling things out. This outfit had to be perfect!

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