This Kiss {Completed}

After her parents die Bianca Gray moves from her hometown Leesburg, VA to San Diego, CA to live with her grandmother. After wiping out while surfing and getting saved by Louis Tomlinson well her life changes completely (: So uh read it ^^
Note: This story is dedicated to my friend Bianca who is a Louis lover (:
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20. I'm Sorry

Harry's POV

I had to apologize to Niall. And not just because Louis was making me. But because I felt SO guilty! And it's been 2 days and he's been avoiding me like trans fat. I walked down the hall to his room that he's been in for the 2 days. I knocked. "Who is it?" "The idiot." He sighed and opened the door. "What?" "Niall. I'm so sorry." "For?" He asked raising his eyebrows and his face saying "I haven't got all day and what are you waiting for". "For fancying your girlfriend." "Ok." And he began to shut the door. "Wait" I said putting my foot in front the door. "Aren't you going to forgive me?" I asked. He sighed again. "Harry. I appreciate your apology and I accept it. But it's not going to change the fact that you have feelings for Elizabeth. You say sorry on the outside but on the inside nothing has changed." I hate to admit it but he was right. It made me feel even worse. "Niall I promise you I'll back off and I won't use any of my "Harry charm" on her." "You better not! Because if you do you can forget about us being friends again." And he shut the door. I went back into my room, laid on my bed and stared up at the ceiling. "Harry why did you do this?" "Do what?" It was Louis. "Become such a terrible friend." "Well Haz can you blame him? You're practically in love with his girlfriend. He's going to be upset." He had a valid point. "True". I admitted glumly. "Seriously Harry you need to back off and leave them both alone. Because if you don't not only will Niall have your head but I'll tweet that you're obsessed with wearing thongs." I gasped. "You wouldn't!" He raised his eyebrows. "Oh I would! The internet is a powerful place Harry. And we have tons of fans. It'll spread around the world like wild fire." "Alright, alright." "Good. Now I gotta go stop Bianca's ex from eating us out of house and home." "Who?" I asked "Jack. He use to date Bianca until something went wrong I don't remember! Anyway I gotta stop him eating the leftover Nando's Niall brought all the way from Ireland." "Alright have fun!" And he left.

Niall's POV

I accepted Harry's apology but I wasn't ready to forgive him completely. I mean he's practically in love with my princess! It was my special name for Elizabeth. And I was proud of it. I would mame Harry if made any kind of move. And I knew the other lads would back me up so I wasn't worried. Since Harry was in his room again I knew it was safe for me to go down and get the Nando's I brought here from Mullingar. I went downstairs to this guy I've never seen before in the fridge. "Hey! Don't touch my Nando's!" I snapped giving him my famous death glare I gave to anyone who tried to steal my food. There was one thing I loved more than Elizabeth, my family, and the lads and that was food. Especially Nando's. He turned around and put his hands up in surrender. "Sorry man I won't touch it." "Good" I said snatching the bag from his greasy hands. I went upstairs to see my phone ringing. "Hello?" I said without looking at the caller ID. "Hey". It was Elizabeth. "Hey babe what's up? How's Eleanor? She staying out of your way?" "Nooo! She's driving everyone bonkers. Especially Bianca but Olivia and I have about had it." "Aw I'm sorry babe. But I feel your pain. Bianca's ex is driving us mad! He tried to steal my Nando's!" She fake gasped and started laughing. "What's so funny?" I asked. "You're so cute when you're being protective of your food." "You're cute no matter what." I could practically see her blushing face through the phone. "Oh stop it..." I smiled. "So hey we gotta talk sometime. There's somethin' I gotta tell you." "Does this have to do with what you're so upset about last night?" She asked. "Yeah. So you wanna meet up later?" "Sure. When and where?" "Um about 10 minutes? And the beach?" "Sure. Any reason to get outta here and away from Eleanor." I laughed. She was so cute. "Alright see ya soon babe." "Bye". And we hung up. I grabbed my shoes and went downstairs. "Where you off to?" Louis was sitting on the couch watching Friends. "Going to talk to Elizabeth." He nodded but then his eyes widened. "Are you telling her about Harry?" He asked sounding a bit anxious. "Yeah why?" "Niall. Are you sure you wanna do that?" "Yeah... why?" "What if she reacts the wrong way? Then what?" "I-I.. I don't know." I admitted. "I can't just keep this from her though. And she already knows somethings up so I can't lie to her." He nodded again. "That's true. Well ok best of luck mate." "Thanks." I said and walked out the door into the shining bright sun. Shoot I forgot my Ray Bans. Oh well I shrugged. I saw her sitting there by the water. She had the prettiest hair ever. I walked up and tapped her on the shoulder. "Hi" She said looking up at me. "Hey babe" I said sitting beside her. We were quiet for a few seconds. "You wanna tell me what's been bothering you?" She asked breaking the silence. I sighed. "Niall please tell me. I've been a bit worried.." I looked at her. "Babe you don't need to worry about me honest. I'm fine." "Then what is it?" "It's Harry." "What about him?" "He likes you."

Elizabeth's POV

Ok did I hear him correctly? Did he just say Harry likes me? I knew there was something going on with him! I knew it! "Oh." "Yeah I didn't wanna tell you but I realized you deserved to know." He sounded so upset. And I didn't blame him. I couldn't control the tears that were now streaming down my face. "Babe what's wrong?" He put his arms around me. I cried into his shoulder. He rubbed my back and ran his fingers through my hair. He was the best. I looked up eventually knowing my eyes were red and puffy. "This whole thing is what's wrong. I've never had this happen before. I really care about you but I don't wanna hurt Harry's feelings and..." He put finger on my lips cutting me off. "Babe. I know it's hard. But we've all talked to Harry and he's promised to back off. And if he doesn't well.. we'll kill him." "Not literally right?" I asked just making sure. He laughed. "No not literally." He smiled. "You gonna be ok?" He asked looking a little concerned. I wiped my tears. "Yep I'll be fine." I hoped. "Please don't worry about it ok? Let us handle it." I nodded. "Alright." "Come on" He said standing up and taking my hand. "Let's take a walk." I nodded and followed.

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