This Kiss {Completed}

After her parents die Bianca Gray moves from her hometown Leesburg, VA to San Diego, CA to live with her grandmother. After wiping out while surfing and getting saved by Louis Tomlinson well her life changes completely (: So uh read it ^^
Note: This story is dedicated to my friend Bianca who is a Louis lover (:
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14. Full of Love and Happiness

Olivia's POV (continued from Chapter 13)

We pulled away after about a minute but it felt like a lifetime. We looked into each others eyes again. His brown eyes were so adorable. I look into them all day. No. Forever! "Wow" He said. "Yeah." I bit my lip. "Sorry.." He said. "Why are you apologizing?" I asked looking confused and kinda scared. "Oh I'm sorry I just.." I cut him off by kissing him again. "Don't apologize." I said smiling. He smiled back and we kissed again. "Wait" He said pulling away again. I laughed half annoyed, half amused. "Yeah?" "Are we like a thing now?" "I dunno.. do you wanna be?" I asked sounding hopeful. "Yeah. I do." He said smiling widely. "Alrighty then" I said smiling back.

Elizabeth's POV (again continued from Chapter 13)

We kept kissing and kissing (keeping it PG!). He was such a GREAT kisser! And his lips were the perfect moisture. We pulled away seconds later out of breath. We looked at each other our faces flushed. After we caught our breath we both smiled. "Sorry about Harry barging in.." He said his flushed. "Oh that's ok, he didn't know we were in here." "How could he not? The light was on!" I giggled. "In my house we randomly leave lights on." I shrugged. "Well not here. Liam likes us to turn lights out when we the leave the room." "Typical Daddy Direction." "Ha yeah. And because we're already payin' enough for this house." He laughed. "Yeah it's huge" I agreed. "So uh.." He started to say. "Yeah?" I asked my eyebrows raised. "Are we like exclusive now?" He asked quietly though I could hear him loud and clear. "Do you want to be?" I asked in the same tone he used. "Yeah." He smiling brightly at me. "Ok." And we kissed again.

Harry's POV

Louis and I watched "Keeping Up With The Kadarshians" for a while until he decided to go surfing. He said it'd get his mind off of Bianca but I don't see how that could work since they met when she was surfing but whatever floats his boat. So I just hung out and watched some random TV shows. I wasn't really watching them I was really thinking about stuff. Liam and Olivia came up from downstairs holding hands. Liam has a new girlfriend. Good for him. "Hey Haz" He waved. "Hey guys what's up?" "We're going to a late movie. Olivia wants to watch Harry Potter." He smiled at her and she blushed. "Alright have fun" And they left. Niall and Elizabeth came downstairs doing the same thing. Wow thanks for rubbing it in Niall. "Hey guys" I said when I saw them. "Hey Harry we're going to the pier. Elizabeth has never had boardwalk food before! Isn't that sad?" He joked. "Hey! I heard it was fattening and gross!" She protested laughing. "Don't worry babe you'll love it!" He smiled at her and turned back to me. "Be back later! You and Zayn have fun!" "I have no idea where Zayn is. Haven't seen him since this morning." I explained. "Oh well. See ya later mate!" And they left leaving me to choke on their love dust. I have got to find myself a girlfriend. And not just a random girl I meet at a random place. And I needed to do it fast.

Liam's POV

Harry Potter was a lot better than I expected. "I really enjoyed that babe" I admitted smiling. I've been doing that a lot lately and quite frankly I was loving it! "I'm so glad! There's just 7 more movies to go! Oh and you'll have to read the books too." "I have to read those too?" I faked complained. She laughed. "Of course! They're amazing and totally worth it promise! And you'll have plenty of time since you travel on tour so much." She had a point. "That's true. Do you have them with you?" "Yeah they're back at Bianca's house. I'll get 'em to you tomorrow." "Sounds good". "What do you want to do now?" "Hmm I don't know. Hey! I think Niall's at the pier with Elizabeth, wanna go meet up with them?" I suggested. "Yeah sounds fun but text him to make sure they don't wanna be alone. Elizabeth would kill me if I ruined her moment." I laughed. "Yeah same with Niall."

Me: Hey what's up? Olivia and I were thinking about meeting up with you guys... that alright?

Niall: Yeah sure sounds fun! I had my food so I'm up for anything. They've got tons of rides down here so we'd have a great laugh. See you soon?

Me: Yep! And I hope you're not being a pig(: You're trying to impress someone remember? (;

Niall: Yeah, yeah! She appreciates my love for food. Unlike some people :P

Me: Very funny. See you soon

"Well?" "To the pier!" She laughed. "To the pier!" She repeated.

Niall's POV

"You having a good time?" I asked Elizabeth. "I'm having an amazing time! Thank you for taking me here so I could try extremely fattening pier food." I laughed. She was so cute when she was trying to be funny. "But it was worth it right?" She nod-laughed. "Wanna go on the ferriswheel?" I asked. She bit her lip and hesitated. "I'm not really sure that's a good idea. I'm kinda scared of heights." She said quietly. "It'll be fun! And besides I'll be with you the entire time." She shrugged. "Alright why not?" I knew my Irish charm would work. It always does. We waited in line and finally got on. We got to the top pretty quick. "Wow it's pretty high..." She sounded nervous. I took her hand and interlocked out fingers. She squeezed it so tight I thought she was gonna cut off my circulation. "A little too hard babe". "Sorry.. I just hate heights." I put my free arm around her shaking shoulders. "It's alright babe." I said looking into her green eyes. She smiled and we kissed again. Perfect ending to a perfect day.

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