This Kiss {Completed}

After her parents die Bianca Gray moves from her hometown Leesburg, VA to San Diego, CA to live with her grandmother. After wiping out while surfing and getting saved by Louis Tomlinson well her life changes completely (: So uh read it ^^
Note: This story is dedicated to my friend Bianca who is a Louis lover (:
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6. First Kiss

Bianca's POV

It was SO sweet for Louis to offer to walk me home. He was so sweet! I was pretty sure he liked me. But I still wasn't 100% sure yet. I guess he'd have to kiss me to make me 100% sure but we all know that was never gonna happen! "So what's it like being in a boy band?" I know cheesy question but it was better than the awkward silence! "Um it has it's ups' and downs' but the for the most it's a big ball (or bag... it's one of the two) of fun (as said by Liam during their interview in Ireland today<3)." I laughed. "That's great". Sadly we were silent the rest of the way there. We got to my doorstep. JUST KISS ME! I screamed in my head. And some how he read my mind. OH MY GOSH!!!! I was kissing LOUIS TOMLINSON! ON HIS ACTUAL LIPS!! I wanted to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't asleep and dreaming but I couldn't because it wasn't a dream! It was right.

Louis' POV

I couldn't be I did it! I kissed her. It felt so good, so right. The second our lips touched I could see fireworks going off. I could feel the spark. It was meant to be. Only one issue. We pulled away after a few more seconds. "Wow" I breathed. She nodded clearly as out of breath and shocked as I was. "Not that I didn't love that because I did but I have a slight thing I'm worried about.." She bit her. "What's that love?" I asked. "You're 20. And I'm 16." "Well... I'm not 21 so it's not illegal." "I know but I don't think my grandma would approve me of dating a guy whose 4 years older than me." "I'm pretty much a minor and you're an adult.." As much as it pained me to say it.. "You're right. So what are we gonna do?" "Honestly I don't know." "Well... I really like you and I don't want something like age keep us from being together." I stated. "I know I feel the same way but.." I put my finger to her lips. "No more buts. We're gonna do this." She smiled. "I gotta go inside now..." Her smile evaporated like cheap lip gloss (my thought not his). "Alright well I'll see you tomorrow love" I smiled and walked back towards the house with the smiled still pasted on my face. I got home about 15 minutes later still smiling. "Oooo Louis got kissed!" Harry said the second he saw me. "Way to go Louis!" Niall punched the air. "Nice one mate" Liam smiled. Zayn just nodded his head and winked at me. "I'm goin' to bed." I announced  and went upstairs before they could ask me any more questions or say anything else.

Bianca's POV

I ran up to my room, shut the door, and cranked up the volume on "Live While We're Young". I WAS DATING LOUIS TOMLINSON! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! MY LIFE IS OFFICIALLY COMPLETE! Soon we're gonna get married and have 10 kids! Soon my grandma yelled at me to turn off the music so I just called Olivia instead. "OH MY GOSH GUESS WHAT?!?" I shrieked when she picked up. "WHAT?!" She shrieked back. "Ok first of all calm down and make sure you're sitting when I tell you this. You sitting?" "Hold on..." A few seconds later she said "Alright sitting. What's the haps?" I took a deep breath. "I KISSED LOUIS!" "OH MY GOSH!" I could tell she had shot up the second I told her. "I KNOW! Well actually HE kissed me!" "OH MY GOSH! That's even more amazing and exciting!" "I KNOOOW!" "Are you guys like together now?" She asked. "Yep!" I said smiling like a complete idiot and I didn't care one bit! "Aww that's so sweet! Hey my mom told me today that me and Elizabeth were going out there this weekend..." "Oh my gosh really?! You're coming here to California?!" "Yep! We're flying out on Friday and staying for like the next like month or so. Since school's out at 11 on Friday." "Wow that's awesome! It's gonna be great to see you guys!" "You can introduce us to 1D!" "YEAH!" I started to get all jumpy and excited again. "But you can't fan girl in front them. I had to like bite my tongue in order not to." I admitted. "Yeah we know. We both kinda figured." "Wait want me to conference her in?" "We can do that?" "Yeah it's part of technology." I shrugged. "Heyy" We both said once all three of us were on the phone. "Oh my gosh I can't believe you kissed Louis!" Elizabeth exclaimed. "I know! Best moment of my life! Wait.. how'd you know? Olivia did you tell her?" "No..." Olivia sounded confused. "Oh I saw it in US Weekly. Your kiss with him is like top story in the world right now." She explained. "Oh my gosh! How did the paps get that so quickly?" "They're that good." Olivia said sounding impressed. "Wow I'm in a magazine!" "I know it's awesome right?" "I guess it could be but now you gotta watch your back for paps." Olivia reminded me. "I know... wow my life is totally gonna change thanks to just one kiss." I like just now realized. "Yep" They both added a pop to the 'p'. "Are you sure you're ready for that?" Olivia asked me. "Oh yeah! I mean all celebs get this right?" "But you're not a celeb." Elizabeth reminded me . "I am now!" I said. "True... but still you gotta be prepared for the paps following you and you'll probably get interviews and stuff. We just wanna make sure you're ready for that." "Oh I know I am!" I said confidently. But to be honest.. I had no idea if I was.

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