This Kiss {Completed}

After her parents die Bianca Gray moves from her hometown Leesburg, VA to San Diego, CA to live with her grandmother. After wiping out while surfing and getting saved by Louis Tomlinson well her life changes completely (: So uh read it ^^
Note: This story is dedicated to my friend Bianca who is a Louis lover (:
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23. Be Alright

Elizabeth's POV

I couldn't believe Niall's fans had said those things to me! I never really felt that good about myself. And they just made it like a billion times worse. Tears were streaming down my face. I could've sworn I heard Niall behind me but it could also be those terrible girls. I stopped running when I came to the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey. I hated to run but at that point I had to. I took my phone out of my pocket and speed dialed Bianca. I couldn't bug Olivia since she was probably having an amazing time with Liam. And Bianca was with Eleanor so she probably someone to talk to just as much as me. "Hello?" She said after 2 rings. "Hey" "Elizabeth... is everything ok?" "You know how Louis' fans treated you like crap?" "Yeah.." "Well Niall's fans just did the same thing to me." "Oh my gosh I'm sorry!" "Who are you talking to?" I heard Eleanor in the background. "Shut up Eleanor! I'm trying to talk on the phone." "Just ignore them. They'll stop eventually." "Yeah but they were mobbing him and then they started saying horrible things and I couldn't cry in front of Niall so I ran." "You ran?" "I know surprising right?" "Yeah you hate to run." "Yep." "You should go find Niall. He's probably worried about you." "Oh let him worry. He's got all his fans to hang out with." "That's not true. Knowing Niall he's probably worried sick." I sighed. "You're right." "I know I am. Once you find him try to have some fun ok? Disneyland is a great place." "I know." I sighed. "Alright I'll see you when you get back." "Ok bye". And we hung up. I contemplated on calling Niall but held off. He's smart. He'll find me eventually. No that's a stupid idea. He'll wonder why I didn't call him. I took out my phone and dialed 13 (his speed dial). I waited for him pick up. "Elizabeth?" He said when he picked up after 3 rings. "Yeah." "Oh my god I was so worried! Are you ok?" "Yeah." "Where are you?" "By the Walt Disney and Mickey statue and Cinderella's castle." "Alright stay there." "Ok?" And he hung up before I could say anything else. A few minutes later I felt a tap on my shoulder. Niall was standing behind me. He hugged me tight. "Oh my gosh are you ok?" "Yeah." He looked up at me. "No you're not." Darn it. He knew me too well. "Well they said some pretty awful things to me so what do you expect?" I knew that was a bit harsh it had to be said. "Yeah I know. But I want you to remember one thing. They're not really my fans. They're horrible people who are obsessed and completely whack. And have nothing good to say about people we love." Did he just say love? "Did you just say love?" I asked my eyes watering. He blushed. "Yeah." "You... love... me...?" My eyes watering even more. "Yeah." "I uh... love you too." His lips met mine and instantly everything was better. We pulled away about a minute later and he took something out his backpack. He grabbed my wrist and clasped a gold ID bracelet on it. "Niall's Princess?" I asked still crying with happiness. "That's you." He said smile-blushing. "That is so sweet! But what's the occasion?" "It's our 2 week anniversary.." My eyes grew to the size of quarters. "Oh crap! I'm so sorry! I.." He put his finger to my lips and cut me off like he did the other day. "Don't worry about it. I kinda wanted to surprise you." "But I didn't get you anything!" I protested. "You don't have to" "But" He fake glared at me. "Alright, alright." "Oh there's one more thing.." "Niall!" My cheeks burning with guilt. He took a necklace and clasped it around my neck. I looked at the charm. It was a gold 'N'. "N for Niall?" "Yep" He smiled proudly. "Thank you so much! I'll never take it off." I smiled back at him. Best bad turned good day ever!

Olivia's POV

"Liam we've been standing in line for over an hour and the fireworks are starting soon! Can't you take your picture with Woody some other time?" Liam fake glared at me. "I will never have another chance to meet Woody!" He protested. I sighed. "Alright." I mean there were only 2 more people ahead of us so it would be quick. I hoped. After waiting another 5 minutes Liam finally got his picture, which I had to take. Liam smiled like a 5 year old in the picture which made me crack up. "What's so funny?" He asked. I showed him the picture. I started cracking up again. "What?" "Your smile is hilarious." I couldn't stop laughing. "I love Woody you know that." He stuck his tongue his out at me which made me laugh harder. "Come on you wanted to watch those fireworks right?" I stopped laughing. "Yes!" I grabbed hand pulled him towards Cinderella's castle. Yes! Just in time. "They're so beautiful!" "Not as beautiful as you" He said smiling at me. "I have something for you.." Huh? He took 2 things out of his backpack. He grabbed my wrist and clasped a gold ID bracelet around it. "Liam's girl?" I asked him smiling tears forming in my eyes. "Yep that's you." He said smiling. "You are the best! What's the occasion?" I asked clearly clueless. "It's our 2 week anniversary..." OH CRAP! "Oh my gosh Liam! I am SO sorry I forgot! I.." He put his hand in front my face shushing me. "It's alright! I wanted it to be a surprise. Niall and I planned this whole thing." "You did? Aww that's so sweet!" "One more thing..." He said taking a gold necklace and clasping it around my neck. A gold 'L' hung around it. "L for loser?" I asked slightly offended. He laughed. "No! 'L' for Liam." OH! That made sense. "Oh well that makes sense." He smiled and took my hands. "Olivia." "Yeah?" "I have something to tell you.." "Oh?" I asked getting nervous-excited. "I... uh... love you." OH MY GOSH! "I.. love you too." I said the tears coming faster. Our lips met and I knew I could feel him smiling through the kiss. But I didn't care! I was so happy to have to him. Best day ever!


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