This Kiss {Completed}

After her parents die Bianca Gray moves from her hometown Leesburg, VA to San Diego, CA to live with her grandmother. After wiping out while surfing and getting saved by Louis Tomlinson well her life changes completely (: So uh read it ^^
Note: This story is dedicated to my friend Bianca who is a Louis lover (:
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7. Baby, I'm Forever Yours

Bianca's POV

Yay Olivia and Elizabeth were coming today! I couldn't wait to introduce them to Louis and the rest of One Direction. My phone vibrated on my night table. It was Louis!

Louis<3: Mornin' Love! Sleep well? Hope so(: The lads and were thinking about the beach today? Watcha think?

Me: Yeah sounds great! A couple of my friends are coming in today for a month or so. Mind if I bring 'em?

Louis<3: No problem! As long as they don't fan girl(:

Me: Haha already reminded them(: No worries! See you around 12? My friends get in at around 11.

Louis<3: Sounds good love! See ya later<3 :)

He is SO sweet! I could already tell he was gonna the best boyfriend ever! I already knew he was but that was in my head and in my dreams. Now it's reality! I had to get ready since we had to get Olivia and Elizabeth in a couple hours. I washed and brushed my hair and picked out an adorable outfit that resembled Louis (white shirt with blue stripes, red pants and my white flats). I loved dressing like him! I did it even before we were together. I walked downstairs with a smile on my face. "Mornin' grandma!" I said when I walked in the room. "Morning honey" She smiled up at me. She was reading US Weekly. Oh no she was gonna the picture of me and Louis! I casually walked into kitchen just as she was coming to the page. "Bianca..." Here it comes! "What's this picture of you and Louis Tomlinson from that band you like um... One Direction?" "Well..." I couldn't think of a legit excuse. Crap! "It's very sweet honey but it says here he's 20 years old?" "Yeah." I said looking at the ground. "That's almost 5 years older than you. I'm not sure I want you with a boy this much older than you." "Grandma he's not a prostitute or anything! He's very sweet and would never do anything to take advantage of me I promise you!" "Sweetie I trust you it's him I don't necessarily trust..." "Grandma please give him a chance! You haven't met him yet. Make your choice after you meet him please?" I begged. She sighed. "Alright honey. But if I don't approve you have to let him go." "Deal" I agreed too quickly. "Alright good. Well let me go changed and we'll pick up your friends at the airport." "Sounds good" I replied with a smile. I quickly took out my phone and dialed Louis. "Hello love" He said when he answered. "Hey we gotta a bit of an issue..." "Don't worry love" He cut me off. "Those paparazzi's won't bother you as long I'm around." "It's not that" I said. "It's my grandma. She's not sure we should be together. She saw the article and the picture." "Oh". "Yeah she said if she doesn't like you we can't be together." "I kinda excepted that" he admitted. "Really?" I asked. "Yeah. Now I just gotta make a good impression on your grandma and we'll be good." "My grandma isn't that easy to please." I warned him. "I'm good with adults love trust me." My grandma came downstairs and waved her keys in the air signaling it was time to go. "Alright whatever  you say. I gotta go but I'll see you later." "Alright bye". And we hung up.

Olivia's POV

"Wow that plane ride was too long!" I said as Elizabeth and I walked out into the busy airport. "I know right! Who knew we'd be on that thing for 5 hours." "I sure didn't think it'd be that long!" "Oh well it was worth it. We're gonna meet One Direction!" She squealed. "I know!" I squealed back. "But remember. No fan girling." "Aw man! You know how hard it is for me not to fan girl? Almost impossible. Especially around them." "I know but I believe we can both be strong." She laughed. "I certainly hope so because I really want Niall to like me." "And I want Liam to like me!" "We gotta a lot of work to do!" She nodded. "Hey there's Bianca!" I pointed. "HEYY!" We said and we ran up and hugged her. "Hey!! How was your flight?" She asked after we pulled away. "Long." Elizabeth answered rolling her eyes. "Too long" I agreed. "Well when you now live on the side of the country it's gonna be like that." "We all miss you back home!" I said pouting. "They do?" She looked confused. "Yeah, school's gotten quieter." I joked. "Hey!" She play-slapped me on the arm. "I'm kidding!" "I know" she laughed. "Come let's get going my grandma is waiting in the car. She's jamming to the oldies and it's getting uglier by the decade!" We all laughed and headed out.

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