This Kiss {Completed}

After her parents die Bianca Gray moves from her hometown Leesburg, VA to San Diego, CA to live with her grandmother. After wiping out while surfing and getting saved by Louis Tomlinson well her life changes completely (: So uh read it ^^
Note: This story is dedicated to my friend Bianca who is a Louis lover (:
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9. All I Wanted was a white knight, with a good heart, soft touch, fast horse

Harry's POV

This is SO not fair! How come Louis gets to date Bianca and Liam and Niall get to flirt with her friends? Just because I slept with a few girls or women doesn't mean I'm not worthy of love! They're both so fit! Especially the one with the curly hair and green eyes. Just like me! So obviously we were made for each other. Too bad Niall's in the way. But so what? Yeah he's got blonde hair, blue eyes and an Irish accent. I've got curly hair, green eyes, and a British accent. I'm just a good of a catch as him. She really seems to like Niall though... Come on Harry think! Lay low for a while. Then make your move. Good plan! Let's hope it works.

Bianca's POV

I couldn't believe Niall and Liam were already hitting up Olivia and Elizabeth. Geez they work fast! But I didn't care. I had Louis. We've been having an amazing time! He taught me to surf properly. Even though I fell like 20 million times it was still so much fun! We were all sitting on the beach having mini conversations just enjoying the view. "I can't believe you fell that many times!" Louis kept going on and on about how much a terrible surfer I was. "Hey! I'm better than you!" I playfully punched his shoulder. "Oww!" He said with his adorable puppy eyes. "Aww will a kiss make it better?" I needed an excuse to kiss him. I haven't all day! He smiled like a kid in a candy store. "Yes" He kissed me passionately on the lips. So amazing! This is never gonna get old. After we pulled away I looked at my phone for the time. "Wow 5:00 already?" "Time flies when you're having fun" Louis pointed out. "Very true" I smiled. "Well we should get going." I stood up. "Why?" Louis asked looking sad again. "I told my grandma we'd be home by 5:30..." I said sadly. "Oh come on!" "I can't be late. My grandma hasn't met you yet and I want to like you. Soo that being said I need to be home on time. All parents or grandparents in this case like boyfriends who take their girlfriends home." I lectured. "Alright, alright" He gave in. "Come on lads and other girls!" Louis announced. "We're leaving already?" Olivia whined. "Yep" I said sadly again. "Aww!" Liam looked at Olivia and pouted. She giggle-smiled. Wow they really need to go out! I knew Olivia was a HUGE Liam fan. Her, Elizabeth, and I are planning a triple wedding with me and Louis, her and Liam, and Elizabeth and Niall. It was going to massive! We had everything planned out down the ceremony, dress, cake, ring, honeymoon, reception you name it! We had it down. "Can we at least go for food? I'm starving here!" Niall rubbed his tummy. Elizabeth laughed. "You're always hungry" She said still laughing. "Well babe I need something to keep me going." Awww he just called her babe! I wish Louis would call ME babe. Oh well. "Niall we'll get food after we drop them off." Louis told him. "Fiiine". I laughed again. Once we got to my house we said our goodbyes. I kissed Louis again. Again most amazing feeling EVER! I looked over at Olivia and Elizabeth. Liam and Niall kissed them on the cheek. AW! How sweet of them! After they left we ran up to my room and immediately started fan girling. Well Elizabeth and Olivia did. "Guys would you calm down?" They've been screaming and squealing for like 5 minutes. "We can't help it!" Elizabeth exclaimed. "Liam and Niall KISSED us!" Olivia squealed. "On the cheek!" I pointed out. "Yeah whatever but at the rate this is going lips are next!" Elizabeth said excitedly. Great. More lovestruck friends. Seconds my phone beeped. It was twext (my name for Twitter texts.. my thought not hers) from Louis!

@Louis_Tomlinson Had an amazing day with my beautiful girlfriend @biancaluvsred and her lovely friends Olivia @mistywithdiamonds and Elizabeth @ElizabethluvsOD :)

He is SO sweet! I had to retweet it. "Awww!" Elizabeth and Olivia cooed over my shoulder. I gave them a death glare and they backed away. "Guys I'm kidding!" I laughed. They gave me fake pouts and continued to squeal and be excited. I couldn't blame them but I wasn't going to tell them the night I kissed Louis I was just like that. They'd make fun of me! I giggled to myself. This was an amazing day!

Louis' POV

This was such an amazing day! It was fun "teaching" Bianca to surf. Even though she was still terrible I still enjoyed it so much! My phone beeped seconds later. Aw she retweeted my tweet! I smiled to myself. "Awww! Louis' in love!" Harry teased me. "Very funny Haz!" I sneered. "Now can I take a shower and get changed without you in the room?" "Fine, I'll see you later". And he left. I kept on thinking about what he said. Maybe I WAS in love with Bianca. I mean I know I've only known her 3 days but to be honest. When I saw her laying on the beach the first day I met her I felt like it was love at first sight. So yeah. I think I am in love with her.

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