Finally Found You

Jennifer has always been in the crowd. An average girl who would get bullied since 5th grade. She lives with her parents but never told them about what goes on and keeps it to herself. She never believed that she would have a happy ending though. Being told my almost everyone that she was never good enough being let down my anyone that she keeps close to her until she met a guy. Louis. She knows that sooner or later he will stop being by her side like everyone else but he refuses to let it happen. Can it be she finally found someone?


1. Jennifer's POV

"Slut." "Retard." "Attention whore."
I hear those words getting thrown at me everyday. I don't know why but I cope with it. I know that I shouldn't. But I don't want my parents to worry. If I tell. My parents don't really care though. I don't want that to happen. My parents are too important. They're the only one who hasn't left me. Someone bumps into me all all of my book fly out of my hand. Shit! "You're so clumsy!" I hear the girl voice. I already know who that is. Miranda. She was my best friend but she was only there to spread stupid rumours about me. I look up at her and her blue eyes were piercing on me. "Got a problem? Bitch," she laughs. She walks away and I quickly pick up my books. I know I'm not the 'nerdy' type but I'm also not the 'popular' type. Labels like that gets thrown right at you as soon as you step in the school. I'm apparently the 'attention whore' which is funny because I hate getting attention. Basically because it would me that someone had spreaded another damn rumour about me. I hurry to class. I can't afford to be late. Again. The last time I was late was when I locked myself in the bathroom and started crying my eyes out. As soon as I step in the class the bell rings. I quickly sit down and mind my own business. "Class we have a new student today. You guys better treat him with respect and make him feel welcomed hear at New Malcom High," Mr. Sherman's voiced boomed. I look up and see a boy about my age with brown hair and blue eyes. He smiled at me and I blush. "Where do I sit?" he asks. He has an adorable british accent! Mr. Sherman adjusts his glasses. "Mr. Tomlinson, you will be sitting right there next to Jennifer," he says and points to me. I hear some guys making comments like how they feel bad for him and I roll my eyes. He smiles and sits next to me. "Hi, I'm Louis," he says. "Hi I'm Jennifer," I say. He seems nice but I'm sure that that'll change. He will adventually reveal his true colors.
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