Girl Hearts Boy: Mate

This is my entry for the Girl Heart Boy competition. I know nothing about the books, but have done my best at trying to write a deleted scene. Please Like, Fave and comment. It would mean so much to me.
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1. The Growl

Sarah’s P.O.V

I skipped off to find Joe, leaving Ashley behind with Will. I don’t know how she does it. Ashley manages to charm every single guy that steps in her way, without even trying. Whereas I on the other hand, have to put in my whole heart to gain a seductive look from a boy. I sighed. I walked, slowly making my way to the dining room, thinking. At least I’d managed to charm Joe.

Joe was my summer holiday romance, all the way from London. I mean, how better can u get from that? A cute dude, with a London accent, so my type. Joe had curly, brown hair and sparkling green eyes. Oh how his eyes would give me butterflies, when I looked deep into them. His plush pink lips, just there ready for me to crash my own against his. The way his muscles flexed every time he’d moved, and the way he would smile at me with desire.

Suddenly I bumped into something hard. I swear it could have been a brick wall for all I knew. I opened my squinted eyes wide to notice two feet rights in front of mine. Oh crap! I bumped into someone. This could have been anyone for all I knew. They could have been a drunken rapist or…even worse.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I muttered, not daring to lift my eyes. I slowly began to walk in the other direction. I’ll find some other way to get to the dining room to meet Joe. Then immediately, I felt a strong grip on my arm, keeping me in place. Intense sparks were shot through me, making my knees weak. I then was pulled back into someone’s warm arms. Oh no, I was in trouble now. Where was Joe when you needed him?

I looked up to see the face of my capturer. I gasped at once. The soft, green, lustful eyes of Joe were boring into mine. I smiled as he pulled me closer to his warm chest. I deeply inhaled his woodsy aroma, it sent my body fanatical.

“I was looking for you.” I muffled sweetly into his chest. I felt the vibrations of his laughter. I looked up to him, with a questioning look on my face.

“That’s funny. I was looking for you too, angel.” He smirked, locking his grip on my waist. I snaked my arms around his neck, stroking the hairs on the back of it. Joe loved it when I did that.

“Were you?” I questioned playfully, and leaned forward so that the tips of our noses were touching. At once I swore I heard a growl. In fact I was so sure, because the sound seemed like it came from…Joe? It couldn’t be. Maybe it was all in my head, I mean, what kind of person growls at a moment like this? What kind of a person growls at all?

I was taken out of my thought with the feeling of Joe’s lips brushing against mine. “Yes.” He whispered in my ear, whilst biting it. It sent sparks through me at once again. He brushed his lips across mine once more, sending tingles through my body. Not only I wanted him, but I needed him. Why was he teasing then? That’s it. I crashed my lips onto his, without warning.

Joe seemed taken aback at first, but then relaxed as he pushed his body against mine, pressing my back against the wall. Our lips moved in sync with each other, and then he tugged on my bottom lip asking for entrance. Now it was my turn to tease him. I denied and did not let him in.

Then I heard another low growl. This time I made my mind up, that was not imaginary. I actually heard it. I pulled away startled. What was that? I looked up to see Joe, with a pout on his face and his eyebrows rose. I smiled apologetically.

“Why did you pull away?” He asked with concern, putting a stray piece of my dark brown hair behind my ear.

“Did you hear that?” I asked, totally ignoring his question.

“Hear what, angel?” he asked curiosity clear in his voice.

I looked around before answering. “The growl.” I whispered, hoping I didn’t sound too crazy. I felt Joe tense his muscles and his eyes had gone a deeper shade of green. I put my hands up to his cheeks. “What’s wrong?” I asked, brushing my fingers against them. Now I was the one who was concerned.

As soon as I asked that he looked back at me and relaxed again, and his eyes returned to their normal colour and soon lust was visible again. Suddenly, Joe crushed me into one of his big bear hugs again. What was up with him? “What’s wrong?” I asked again.

“Nothing’s wrong, Sarah.” He mumbled in my hair, and then pulled away. His face changed from pure lust to a worried expression. “I need to tell you something.” He said.

“What?” I asked, now I was really worried. He has never acted like this before.

“I can’t tell you here. Come with me, angel.” He whispered tugging on my arm. I gulped and followed after him, pushing through the bunches of people. I held my breath when we walked into the mist of cigarette smoke. Will’s parents were defiantly going to freak.

Speaking of Will, I shouldn’t have left Ashley with him. He seemed a bit eager and exited if you know what I mean. I know Ashley was a player and understands what boys are like. She is a player herself for god’s sake. However the idea of leaving Ash behind -with him- haunted me. Anything could happen in a party like this.

Joe led me all the way out in the garden, where no one was. All the trees were shadowed and the sky was turning dark. We both stopped walking when we reached the far end of the garden. You could still hear the faint bass of music coming from inside the house. I turned to face him. What did he want to tell me out here in the cold?

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