Girl Hearts Boy: Mate

This is my entry for the Girl Heart Boy competition. I know nothing about the books, but have done my best at trying to write a deleted scene. Please Like, Fave and comment. It would mean so much to me.
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2. My Mate

 “What Joe?” I questioned my teeth shattering because of the cold. I hugged myself to keep some warmth within me. Joe pulled me into another one of his bear hugs again, not that I minded. His hugs were warm and comforting. Just as I was getting myself settled into the hug, he pulled away. Now I was the one with a pout on my face.

“Sarah, you know that I will love you no matter what right?” he said quietly. I nodded, not quite sure where he was going with this. “You were the only girl I have ever loved, and always will.” He whispered. I was confused now. Why was he saying this?

“Joe, what’s going on? Oh no, are you going to leave me!” I said jumping to conclusions. Taking a few steps back, until my back was pressed up a tree. I looked up at Joe, right in the eyes. They were that deep shade of green again, filled with so many emotions.

“I would never leave you, Sarah.” He said caressing my face.

“What is it then?” I said calming down. Joe brushed his lips against mine, but didn't tease too long. Before I knew it his lips were pressed against my own cold ones. Sparks shot through me sending me in a trance. I pushed away wanting the answer to my question. “Answer me.” I said, out of breath.

“Promise me you won’t get scared, angel.” He whispered, cupping my hands in his. Scared? Why would he say that? Why wasn’t he just telling me straight what was going on?

“I make no promises.” I stated.

“Promise me, angel.” He said, a little louder now. Why was he making me do this?

“Okay.” I huffed.

“Whatever you do don’t run.” He ordered. What? Why would I want to run anyway? “Promise me that too, angel.” He said his grip on my hands tightening.

“Okay.” I whispered.

Suddenly Joe led me deeper into the huge garden, where there were trees and bushes everywhere. The sky was dark now, pitch black. All that you could see shining bright was the full moon that hung high in the sky. It looked like a forest from a horror scene movie. After a bit of walking, and when Joe thought we were far enough, we stopped.

I heard a distant wolf cry in the background. It sent shivers down my spine and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Goosebumps had formed on my arms, whilst the cold wind blew. Why I never wore a jacket, I don’t know.

“Why are we here?” I asked Joe.

“Sarah angel, I’m not what you think I am.” he said, completely ignoring my question.

“What are you on about?” It seemed like all I could was ask questions.

“You’ll see angel.” He said giving me one last peck on the cheek, before going off into the trees, leaving me in this spooky area, all by myself. “Stay there.” He called behind he said looking back. I did as I was told.

I waited in the silence, puzzled about today. First of all, that growl. It wasn't any ordinary growl, and for sure I know that no human would make a sound like that. Surprisingly I wasn't scared of the sound. In a way it comforted me and soothed me from inside. Then I heard it coming from Joe, that’s what startled me. When did he start to growl?

Thinking of Joe, his behaviour was strange today. Why he was acting like this, I don’t know. It confused me and scared me simultaneously. Abruptly, my thoughts were interrupted by a rustle coming from the trees. I snapped my head, to the source of the sound. I gasped…

Right there coming out from behind the trees emerged a huge wolf. His hair was silky and brown, that shimmered beneath the moonlight. It was beautiful. A part of me wanted to cuddle him. The wolf took a step toward me. Now had every intention to run, just when a voice popped into my head.

Don’t run angel!

I paused. What was that? No, it was more like, who was that? I looked towards the wolf. His deep green eyes reminded me of…Joe. I gasped.

Sarah, it’s me. Joe.

“Joe?” I whispered, barely audible. The wolf prowled closer to me, I stood my ground.

Yes angel?

Oh my giddy aunt. The amazing creature before me -which so happened to be a wolf- was my boyfriend Joe. This cannot be.

Sarah it is me. Hold on I’ll change back.

With that the wold leaped back into the shadows of the trees. My gaze never left the spot where I last saw the wolf. This stuff is not meant to be real. It’s all mythical, right? Maybe, I was just dreaming. If I was I needed to wake up. Just when I was about to pinch myself. Joe appeared.

He stood there awkwardly, with his bare chest moving up and down. His black jeans hung loose around his hips and his hair was a mess. He took a step forward. I took one back.

“Angel please let me explain.” He said coming closer. I shut my eyes pinching my arm. Please wake up, please wake up. Suddenly I felt warm hands take my own. I opened my eyes slowly. Joe was right before me. His chest touching mine.

“Please don’t tell me that wolf was you?” I said, whilst salty tears ran freely down by face. This cannot be happening. The first time I find love and it’s with a dog. Life was so unfair.

“It was me.” He said softly, wiping the tears of my face with his thumb.

“Why? Why did you show me this?” I asked. Out of all the people in this world he shows me. I wanted an answer.

“Because you’re my mate.” He simply stated. Mate? Was it one of those words they used in London, where they go ‘Ello mate’.

Joe must have seen the confusion on my face, because he said “A mate is kind of like a soul mate. Each wolf has that one person that they belong with. That one person that is theirs.” He explained.

Okay, I was trying to put two and two together. Joe was a wolf, who just revealed himself to me. Now he is telling me that I am his kind of ‘soul mate’. How?

“How do you know that I’m your ‘mate’?” I asked.

Joe chuckled and took me in his arms. “Do you not feel the sparks between us? Every time we touch, there’s that feeling. Do you not feel that?” He said.

I processed what he said. I did feel it. Every time he would touch me, sparks would shoot, making my knees weak. Like now. The only reason I was standing now, was because Joe kept me stable in his arms. I pulled away and looked him in the eyes.

“But I’m not a wolf.” I said looking down. He chuckled once again. Seriously what could be so funny at a time like this? I was just stating nothing but the truth.

“Angel, you are a wolf. A she-wolf to be exact. When we mate your inner wolf will come out.” He explained.

Now I was shocked. How can I be a wolf and not know about it? I didn't do anything that was representing me as a dog. Then it hit me. What did he mean by ‘when we mate’?

“What do you mean when we mate?” I asked aloud. Joe sighed.

“Well we need to mate so that our bond becomes stronger than ever. In the mating process, I will have to bite the area between your neck and your shoulder. This is also called marking. So basically I have to mark you as mine.” He said touching the exact place he was going to bite. “As soon as I've done that, your inner wolf will come out and you will transform.”

Holy rice cakes! I was going to transform, into a dog! This cannot be. What about my life? My normal life with my best mate Ashley.

“What will happen after you, well ‘mark me’?” I said using his terms.

Joe smiled. “Nothing really. We go on about our normal lives just like we were. There will be one difference, we will be wolves. You will join my pack and be Luna, but I will explain all that later. Also we will be able to communicate through mind link.” He finished.

“That is a lot to take in.” I whispered, my ears still not believing half the things I've heard.

“I know angel, but I had to tell you today. Otherwise it would have been too late and I would have to wait a lot longer.” He said whilst embracing me in one of his bone crushing hugs. His chin rested on top of my head.

“What do you mean?” I questioned.

“Well, today's the blue full moon. Alphas are only aloud to mark their mate on the blue full moon.” He said as short as possible.

“I’m guessing you’re the Alpha.” I spoke. He smiled.

Joe brushed his lips passed me and then pressed down for a kiss. He asked for entrance and I let him in. He deepened the kiss by pressing harder. I snaked my arms around his neck. His jaw traveled down my neck and up again. He stopped and nestled his head in the crook of my neck. Suddenly I heard a growl.

I pushed away quickly and looked at Joe. “Was that you?” I asked, wide eyed.

Joe just smiled. “It usually is, but this time it was you.” I stood there opened mouthed. Oh my God! I just growled. I never growl.

“Looks like your wolf wants to get out.” He smirked. I slapped him playfully on his arm. He gave me his best goofy grin.

“Come here.” He said pulling me into him once again.

I found happiness within me. Being with Joe, vanished all my thoughts about everything else. I loved him and I actually didn't mind the idea of being his mate. I loved him and he loved me. Joe was my wolf, he was my mate.

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