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Arabella is the heir to the throne of Corynth. But everything seems to go wrong. And there's something odd about the Prince her father wants her to marry ... what's going on? And can Arabella firgure out her feelings before it's too late?


2. The King of Corynth

As the large doors opened to the throne room, I noticed Father sitting straight backed on the Throne of Corynth. His once rich brown hair was thinning and going grey. His once bright blue eyes had now dimmed. He was a rather less dazzling sight than the young King Richard of Corynth. Now he looked frail and lifeless.

Father's eyes lifted to me, a smile forming on his lips. I grinned back.

"Arabella," He said, leaning forward to embrace me. I ran into his arms, happily. Father had been rather busy lately. He had still not told me what was keeping all his time. Although, I had my suspicions that I would find out that day.

"Father!" I replied happily. "Why did you wish to see me?" His eyes suddenly grew serious. I pulled away, knowing that he was about to reveal something I didn't want to hear. But what could he possibly say?

He shifted in his throne, looking very uncomfortable. I wasn't sure what to do or say. No amount of training had taught me to hold in my fears. I was scared now. Scared of what my Father might say to me.

"Father?" I repeated nervously. Father met my eyes shiftily. I really didn't like where this was going.

"Arabella ... there are some things we have to discuss. Such as ... your future and ... marriage."

"Marriage?!" I yelped. "I'm sorry ... marriage?" I repeated more calmly. My Father nodded, not daring to meet my eyes. I felt my head explode with anger. Marriage? What was he thinking? If Mother were here ... I stopped myself. What a stupid thing to say. Mother wasn't there. She would never be.

"Well, first a betrothal ... but yes. Marriage. To the Crown Prince Frederick." Who the heck was the Crown Prince Frederick? Father was crazy. I was way too young to get married. I could barely believe this. Marriage?!

"Father ... you can't ... this isn't happening." I ran out of the room as fast as my skinny legs would carry me. My eyes started to burn with fresh tears and I could feel my throat blocking up. What was going on with me? Tears spalshed my cheeks as I ran back to my chambers. How could he do this to me? How was I going to tell my sisters and brother? I couldn't let this happen. It wasn't right. But what could I do except grin an bear it? I just hoped Prince Frederick was nice ...

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