Think you know

Arabella is the heir to the throne of Corynth. But everything seems to go wrong. And there's something odd about the Prince her father wants her to marry ... what's going on? And can Arabella firgure out her feelings before it's too late?


1. Princess Arabella Mary Jane Victoria Anne of Corynth

People think they know you. They always do. But no one ever knows you. Not unless their you. And even then, even you don't always know who you are.

But I know who I'm supposed to be. I'm supposed to be the beautiful, clever, bright, brilliant Princess Arabella Mary Jane Victoria Anne. I suppose I'm quite clever. But I'm not very princess-like. I don't floss my teeth, I forget to wash my face sometimes and I talk back way too much.

My nanny has tried and tried to get me to behave better. But I was born to make trouble. Not to dress in silly, frilly frocks and prance around at balls like I was some kind of freak on show. Nanny Jane always made sure that I dressed right, my hair was perfect and that no one ever saw me. I wasn't aloud to leave the castle. Apparently I "wasn't ready for the press". But I could handle that. How hard could it be?

"Arabella?" I heard Nanny Jane call out. "Arabella, where have you gotten to?" I fell out of my bed lazily. The floor was hard and horribly cold. I groaned in response. Nanny Jane strolled in, her chestnut hair hair streaked with grey and her cold stone grey eyes glowering. I gulped, yanking myself off the floor. She was mad, really mad.

"Arabella, what were you doing on the floor." She snapped angrily at me. I rolled my eyes, mimicking her. God, she was so annoying.

"What do you think I was doing on the floor? Sleeping?" I asked sarcastically. "And please, Nanny Jane, call me Bella." Nanny Jane rolled her eyes in return. No one ever called me Bella. Well, apart from my two younger sisters, Eleanor Rosemary Elizabeth Helena and Margaret Louise Matilda Emma and my little brother, Alfred Augustus Charles Edmund. Obviously, they have nicknames. I call them Ellie, Maggie and Alfie and in return, I'm called Bella.

"I'm afraid, Arabella, your father needs you in the throne room." Nanny Jane replied calmly. I made a face. Whenever father wanted to see me in the throne room he was about to break bad news to me. When my mother died, he told me in the throne room. When our dog died, he told me in the throne room. When I was no longer aloud to leave the castle, he told me in the throne room

"Sure, whatever."

"Refrase that please, Princess Arabella." Snapped Nanny Jane. I sighed, straightening up.

"Of course, I will go right away." I replied in my politest voice. She smiled and curtesy low, her fat bulging over her black skirt that she had to wear whilst working.

"Arabella ..." She sung brightly. "Your in your nightwear." Nanny Jane told me, laughing a little. I held back a blush. I couldn't give her that satisfaction. She shuffled oddly over to my walk-in-wardrobe and pulled out a white silk dress that nipped at my slim, curvy body and trailed just below my feet. I sighed, holding out a hand to take the dress. I quickly went behind my creamy coloured screen and pulled it, with much difficulty, over my head.

Nanny Jane smiled approvingly when she saw me. I was guided to the mirror. What I saw did not look like me. There, in front of me, was a slim, curvy girl with beautiful chocolate coloured hair and piercing puppy dog eyes. This girl looked like the princess that I wasn't. Nanny Jane went into the walk-in-wardrobe again and reappeared with my favourite tiara in her hands. It had belonged to my mother when she got married to my father. 

It was silver with little rose stems crawling up the sides. It was incredible. Usually, I didn't like all the princess stuff but this tiara was fine by me.

Nanny Jane slid it onto my head carefully and carefully ran a hairbrush quickly through my hair.

"Now you can go and see your father." Nanny Jane told me, smiling at me as if I were her own. I grinned cheekily back and rushed down the corridor. "No running, Arabella!" As if! I thought to myself as I sped faster down the endless corridors.

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