Up All Night

In the society Nicole lives in, the discipline received due to any act of misconduct is taken to the extremes, and criminals are usually sentenced to death. That's why everyone around is always striving to be so perfect, so they don't have to be forced out of the world for misbehaving in the slightest bit. When Nicole is sentenced to end her life after stealing from her neighbor, she chooses to do it alone, and in a way that might be easier. But this way might not work out just as she planned.


3. Wide awake

I paced around the room, trying to find a way out of the situation. I could feel myself getting really tired, but I refused to fall asleep. The constant thought of death sat in my mind. The thought was terrifying, and I couldn't stand it. I paced around the room, doing everything I possible could to stay awake. I shook myself out and jumped around, hoping to spark some energy into me. After all this I just felt more worn out than before. I sat down on the floor and I felt my eyes get heavy ad threaten to close permanently. I couldn't let that happen. I would think to fall asleep, then remember the consequences. When I thought of what would happen if I fell asleep, fear shot through me and I bolted up, trying to prevent myself from falling asleep. It hadn't seemed like very long, but when I looked at my watch I realized I had been up to this for five hours already, meaning it was almost an entire day since the government officials had left me here in this building. Twenty-four hours after sentencing someone to their "suicide house" they are supposed to come back to take up the dead body. I wondered what they would do when they found me alive. No one has ever stayed up all night like this. They were definitely in for a surprise. Could it be possible that they would kill me when they found me? No, they couldn't just kill me like that. They would probably give me another day to end it myself. My stomach rumbled. I was beyond hungry, and I couldn't take it, but there was nothing in the room for me to eat. All that was in there was myself and the bed. I pondered what were my only options, then told myself I didn't have to resort to things like that. I was stronger than that. I stood up, shaking around again. My body was resisting the energy, but my mind was resisting to settle for death. My watch showed that I was twenty-five hours in. The people from the government should be back for me by now. Although, in rare cases, suspects are forgotten in their suicide houses, and aren't retrieved until the next resident finds them. They could forget me, I thought, but I quickly erased the worry from my mind. I knew I would be retrieved eventually.
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