Up All Night

In the society Nicole lives in, the discipline received due to any act of misconduct is taken to the extremes, and criminals are usually sentenced to death. That's why everyone around is always striving to be so perfect, so they don't have to be forced out of the world for misbehaving in the slightest bit. When Nicole is sentenced to end her life after stealing from her neighbor, she chooses to do it alone, and in a way that might be easier. But this way might not work out just as she planned.


2. The last night

I somehow managed to digest the suicide pill, and I felt it slide down my throat and make its way all the way down to my stomach. I sat there for hours, feeling it burn inside me. it felt like a heavy weight as it plunged through my stomach, preparing me for my death. I could feel it sitting there, waiting for me to go to sleep, so it could go to work. As I sat, reality started to connect with me, and it finally dawned on me that this was the end. The pill was already in me, and there was no turning back now. Once I fall asleep tonight, I'll never wake again. This will be the last night of my life. But I just couldn't accept that this is where it all comes to an end. All those hopes and dreams I had were destroyed. All those plans of becoming a doctor and saving lives and doing good things for people, were now impossible. They will never happen. I'll never see the eat again, I'll never hear music again, and I'll never feel the sun soaking up in my skin, releasing all my worries, and making me happy. I'll never even get to see my family again. I loved my family so much, and even if we fought, or I tried to push them out of my life, they still meant so much to me. But I never realized how much I had until everything was gone. I'll never have all those simple things in life that made it so great. I didn't appreciate them before, and now they're all gone, and there's no getting them back. As the tears began to fall, I laid down, deciding to get this over with and just end it all now. It was already night time, and I was tired. I laid there, trying to relax myself. I did what I would usually do before falling asleep, and tried thought over everything. Then I remembered, that there was nothing. My life is over. There's no tomorrow, and nothing after that.
This will be the last time I ever fall asleep, and I'll never wake up again. These would be my last thought, my last breaths, my last cries. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I didn't want it to end. I just couldn't die, I didn't want to. I sat up, and paced around the room. I looked in the mirror and said aloud, "I'm not going to die today."
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