Queen Catalina High

Queen Catalina High... School for Special Abilities. School for the supernatural. Everything goes well...Except for the fact that Queen Catalina herself, ruler of Scenovia is a total tyrant. Let's see what she does...


4. Where the Hell am I??

Elizabeth's POV

How did I end up here?? In some school for posh idiots with rich parents. Scholarship indeed; how dumb did they think I was. You didn't get into boarding schools by being smart, you got in by paying £2000 a term... Still this was some weird boarding school. The walls of the principles office were covered in photos and acheivments. Pictures of smiling girls in ghastly uniform. Yes, all perfectly normal on the surface........ But if my calculations were correct, then he'd made just one mistake....

I couldn't help feeling slightly intimidated, the room was blurry in the darkening twilight (It wasn't my fault the bus broke down) and the headmaster still hadn't turned up.

Mouse twitched his whiskers, snuggling yet further down in my pocket. Hrmmm, should I? It couldn't hurt to have a little look around..... I closed my eyes, infiltrating the small rodent's brain, A simple task, There that was much better; it had always surprised me how much clearer the mouse's vision was compared to my own. I twitched my whiskers. Testing the air. Good, no-one was around.

"Well you took your time." I froze. The shadows dissolved themselfes into the shape of a man.... The Headmaster!!! I recognised his face from the ad in the paper. Had he been here all the time.. spying on me? "Yes I have actually" His voice echoed around my brain. "And I am very pleased with what I have seen" 

All of a sudden the room brightened. The shadowy outline became a middle aged man with blue slippers and salt and pepper hair, slightly balding in the middle. He had a welcoming, if vaguely nauseating smile on his face.

"So, You're Elizabeth, I've heard all about you."

"No Sir, you've heard everything it says on my identity card."

"Yes you are quite right" His voice had become hard and stony "But we do not tolerate impertinance in this school. And neither, do we tolerate deception." The principle picked up mouse from the carpet and placed him in the palm of his hand.

SNAP!! The pain was excrutiating. It felt as though someone had dumped my brain in a puddle of kerosene and set it alight.




Then everything stopped. I was back in the headmaster's office. My tattered old satchel lay on the floor by my feet. The head master was again, smiling his nauseating smile. And in his hand he held the limp form of Matthew....... The mouse.

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