Queen Catalina High

Queen Catalina High... School for Special Abilities. School for the supernatural. Everything goes well...Except for the fact that Queen Catalina herself, ruler of Scenovia is a total tyrant. Let's see what she does...


7. Welcome to the School for Troubled Kids

Mattie's POV

Lugging my luggage up the drive while tripping over my disgustingly long skirts. How fun. One minute here and I already hate this place. It's too quiet. Is this really a school for "troubled kids"? Then again, I am a bit late... 

I sighed as I tried to tug open  a gate nearly doubled my size. Should'nt there be someone to do this for us? I thought, still tugging.

"Of course, under normal circumstances, there would be. But, as I'm sure you are aware, you are late Matilda 'Mattie' Jones."

I jumped in shock at the sudden appearance of a man dressed in a smart black suit. Those last few words left such a bad taste in my mouth it didn't even occur to me to question as to how he knew just what I was thinking. That and my name. How did he know my real name?? I hated this man already.

"Yea..." I said, still stunned, then after remembering my sister's stern words I coughed and started again "Ah, I'm dreadfully sorry Sir, I am afraid there was a rather unpleasant...uh traffic jam where I live. If there is any way I can make it up to you, I'd gratefully do it. After all, time is extremely precious." I bit my lip wondering if I overdid it a bit. But the man just smiled, an expression that just didn't look quite right on that his face. In fact... it just gave the opposite impression. There was a long awkward pause so just I gave him my sweetest smile in return. One that actually looked good enough to keep me from getting big punishments for eleven years.

"Ah" he said, breaking the silence "I am the principal of this school, Principal Thane to be precise." again I bit my lip. This was definitely not the best new start I was hoping for. "Haha and I am 'dreadfully afraid' that unfortunately you had slightly overdone it." abruptly his face turned serious again as he said "There is no need to act here in this school. Well to be more exact, there is no point in lying. Oh and in the future, I shall not tolerate lateness. Today you shall be excused as you are new and... interesting." As soon as he finished he turned around started walking into the school. 

Once again, I bit my lip. Those last few sentences left yet another bad taste. I just can't figure this guy out. Usually I try to make my personality match what the other person wants...but there's a certain limit to how much I can put up with a person (hence the expulsion)... No point thinking about it now anyway. After all, apparently there is no point in acting here in this school. May as well be myself, they asked for it. Ha let them expel me. The faster I get expelled, the faster I can leave this school for troubled kids (I don't care about my sister's lecture anymore)! Or should I call it what it really is? A school for weirdos. A school which collects people with strange 'abilities' which usually lead to being shunned out from 'normal' people. Oh unless you have a 'Pheromone' ability. Which unfortunately I don't have.

The Principal stopped and turned to me, again he was 'smiling' only this time his head was slightly tilted so this time it looked more like something out of a horror movie. 

"Well what are you waiting for? Come on in, don't make yourself even later! You have already delayed the exams for the entire Year 7. Just find the reception lady in the corner of the large room. Tell her your details and she will tell you where to go. Usually you would have at least an hour for settling in however we're already 136 minutes behind schedule. You will be shown your rooms after the exams." he paused for a while and added "Ah and I will take your offer in 'making up' for your lateness...lets see... aha! Cleaning the cafeteria shall save some of out cleaners precious time and since you seemed so willing, you may do it for three weeks." Strangely enough there was small twinkle in his eye. Okay so he wasn't completely inhuman I reasoned as I stumbled over my skirt and waddled into the school...wait exams?!



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