Queen Catalina High

Queen Catalina High... School for Special Abilities. School for the supernatural. Everything goes well...Except for the fact that Queen Catalina herself, ruler of Scenovia is a total tyrant. Let's see what she does...


15. The Test

Aristiana's POV

Wonderful. Exams. I took the elevator to the ground floor and rushed out to the office to collect my exam schedule. 

"Oh hello darling, it's you again!" The receptionist smiled brightly. I shuddered  at her over polished teeth. Ew.

"I would like my exam schedule please!" I plastered on a fake smile.

"Of course!" She clumsily fumbled around in a drawer and found my file, she picked out a few sheets of paper and handed them to me," One's your exam schedule and a notice to say that you will be in an advanced class because of your parents, I hope you live up to it!" I flashed her a half hearted grin.

"Me too," Not wanting to continue this conversation I flew out the door and scrutinised the schedule.


Level of Power

Defensive Power Level

Judging from Queen Catalina

Ugh, I hate exams. They're just so boring you know? I twirled a lock of hair as I read the rest of the notice, while wandering down the marble hall. 

"Watch where you're walking!" I heard a male voice grunt. I looked up to see a pair of crystal blue eyes staring back at me, he was tall with broad shoulders and well defined chest, his dark hair was tousled and his pale skin complimenting his features. It was a pretty hot guy, but yeah... That's about it. I raised an eyebrow at his comment and shot back," I was looking at my sheet, but you? You were walking perfectly normally. So you apologise." His eyes widened as if to see a person not falling for his charms. But he quickly regained his posture. 

"Whatever," He flounced off like a girl but quickly spun around and smirked," I'll get you back. Don't miss me too much." I rolled my eyes and sped off down the corridor. Yay. I've already made a friend. Sarcasm intended.



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