Queen Catalina High

Queen Catalina High... School for Special Abilities. School for the supernatural. Everything goes well...Except for the fact that Queen Catalina herself, ruler of Scenovia is a total tyrant. Let's see what she does...


3. Principal Thane

Aristiana's POV

I cautiously stepped into the darkness, namely the principal's office. I tried to use my mind to find anyone here but I felt a hard blockage against it. Barriers. Damn. I kept on walking, I noticed that the door had shut behind me, meekly ambling in a straight line in the endless darkness. I stopped, realising I wasn't going anywhere. 

"Hello? Principal Thane?" I clutched my bag closer, my nerves eating me from within. What if the mean receptionist gave me the wrong door? 

I felt something tap me on the shoulder and I quickly spun around, my back ramrod straight. A bright flash of light circled me and I screamed, surprised and increasingly scared... Until I heard the loud guffawing from my side. Well. I see who my principal is now. A man with salt and pepper hair, forest green eyes and laughter lines creasing his face was lying on the floor almost dying of laughter. I got mad instantly, I could even feel the blood rising to my face in fury. I flicked my wrist up and the man went flying up, hovering in mid air. 

"What was that for?!?!?!?!" I narrowed my eyes at his continuous laughing.

"Loosen up. Also I shouldn't use your ability on me, against the school rules," He grinned as I set him down grumbling to myself,"How are your parents?" 

I groaned and I muttered,"Do we really have to talk about them?" 

"Of course! They are after all, main donors for the school!" My parents were stinking rich. Donating to the school about as much a man earns in his lifetime. 

He laughed good heartedly,"Never mind, welcome to Queen Catalina High!"

I smiled wryly,"Could I have my schedule and dorm keys? Oh and my parents said hi." His eyes lit up and he walked over to a desk that suddenly materialised out of nowhere. He grabbed a few sheets of paper and a small silver key.

"Here is your schedule and the dorm key, look after them!" He winked and grinned, I read his mind and I realised he was still thinking about his little prank.

"Of course," I replied curtly.

He smiled,"Run along now, all I wanted is a little chat."

I quickly strode out the room and pulled open the door out the reception, back in the safe hallway.

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