Queen Catalina High

Queen Catalina High... School for Special Abilities. School for the supernatural. Everything goes well...Except for the fact that Queen Catalina herself, ruler of Scenovia is a total tyrant. Let's see what she does...


18. Gym Rocks

Aristiana's POV

I threw on a pair of faded jeans and a red off the shoulder shirt. I grabbed my school bag and hurried out the dorms, almost late for class. I rushed into my first lesson- Defence and Hand to Hand Combat taught by Coach Sheman. Joy. This class would almost be too easy. I whipped off my clothes in the changing rooms and pulled on the uniform. The only uniform we had in this school was for Hand to Hand Combat. Where we actually put in effort. I jogged into the gym and was greeted by the sight of all my classmates lined up against the wall. I expected a nice woman who loved kids teaching us combat. But no. It was this man-woman thing. 'She' had the figure of a man and had short cropped black hair enhancing her masculine features. She was yelling at the students, pointing at the rope suspended from the ceiling, spit flying out of her mouth with every syllable. Eww. I was late. And she did not look very forgiving. I crept into the line hoping I would be out of her line of sight. Not a lucky day. She was busy explaining how we weren't to use our powers in this class and that she was going to test our fitness in the first lessons... Well that's until she saw me.

"YOU! YOUR LATE!" Well done for stating the obvious. I straightened my posture as if I was in the army."Since you're late, you'll be up first!" Her lips curved into a smirk which looked painful. I shrugged and looked at the rope in front of me. All I had to do was climb to the top and ring the bell to signify that I had made it to the top. Simple. I grabbed on to the coarse material and tugged myself up, I felt a burning heat slide into my thighs as the rope got increasingly hard to climb. My hands started to become red and sweaty. I could hear the cackles from below and I pictured her laughing at my stamina. Pushed on by her taunting I forced myself up the rope and clutched the bell, ringing it for dear life. With my challenge completed I breathed a sigh of relief and slid down the rope. The coach just nodded, satisfied, I could see the other teens glance nervously at the rope and down to my sweaty form. Not a reassuring sight I can tell you. 

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