Queen Catalina High

Queen Catalina High... School for Special Abilities. School for the supernatural. Everything goes well...Except for the fact that Queen Catalina herself, ruler of Scenovia is a total tyrant. Let's see what she does...


2. Coming to Catalina's

Charisma's POV

Mamma dropped me off outside the school and quickly I became laden with baggage. I began the seemingly neverending walk up the drive, just trying to take in everthing around me. I didn't need really to worry about a first impression because of my... um... unnatural element. I could always go back and do it again. I had been to the gym before coming so I was buzzing from that but otherwise I was ready for whatever faced me. 

Having asked Mamma to open the door for me, the sight of the reception left me a bit bedazzled. I quicly saw the sign for the receptionists desk and swept across the floor, my skirt wishing around my ankles. 'Darling, this is not a catwalk.' an older looking lady said, 'Come over here and I will take your details.' I did as she instructed. 'Name?'

'Charisma Evelyn Georgiana Evercrest.'


'Fourteen and three quarters next Monday.'


'I do beg your pardon?'

'Your classification darling.'

'Oh I did not realize. TT4'

'Good, all my details match, you will be in dorm 435 It is up the stairs and on the left. Get yourself in uniform because your first examination will be later. You must collect the key from the headmaster'

'Yes, Ma'am!'

And with that I left.

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