Alpha female

Kate grew up scared, her brother had been kidnapped when she was seven because they thought he had information. On her. She never knew what they wanted off her, now twelve years later Kate is nineteen and strange things are happening to her. She is fast, very fast and stronger than ever before. Also she tends to stare out her window, at the full moon. Kate must learn of her destiny to be the Alpha female too all werewolves, and in doing so she must learn why it was that her brother was taken and why they really wanted her. Kate must also find her mate, because it's a tough job being alpha female if she has to do it alone, and without half her soul.


1. Come out little pup

Kate's P.O.V

I didn't scream, he had warned me not to make a sound until I was sure it was safe. Somehow I didn't think it would ever be safe, I would always live in fear. I clamped my hand over my mouth when they came, I wanted to tell them to leave us alone. Grayson was still out there, waiting for them to try to brake in so that he could keep me safe. When I heard the sound of my brother's agonized cry I whimpered, I wanted to yell at them to leave him alone but I had promised, and I wouldn't brake my promise to him. 

"Where is the girl pup?" One of my brother's attackers barked, when Grayson said nothing the attacker slapped him. I had to bite my lip to stop from crying out. Still Grayson said nothing, ever my protector. I eventually had to turn my head when Grayson was covered in blood from the beating he got for his silence, I was crying when I finally had the courage to look at my poor brother. 

"You will never find her!" Grayson growled, spiting blood onto our carpet. "She isn't here and I've told her never to come back, I'll never tell you where she is!" My brother lied, whimpering when he got kicked in the stomach. In my head I was growling, snarling at them for daring to touch my brother, my poor Grayson. This continued till they were sure they couldn't get anything off of my brother, two of the men dragged him away, the other stayed behind.

"Come out, come out little pup. We will return for you one day." The man said, and then he was gone. Grayson was gone, and I was alone. Just a lonely little pup. 

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