What she doesn't know

Zayn is dating Perrie they are the ultimate couple at school everyone respects them and wants to be them Niall on the other hand is a nobody no one ever notices him he's always alone and his only friend is Liam but is that really all there is to it? No way! Zayn is secretly dating Niall behind Perries back (* This is boyxboy if you don't like it then DON'T READ!!)


6. This is a title

This blows....I always forget...and I never remember until a few months or something


Zayn's POV

"You punched him?" Harry looked at me in disbelief. What was so wrong about me punching Louis? The bastard deserved it.

I shrugged. It wasn't my fault he touched Niall like that after all he's mine"Yeah, he practically told me he didn't care what I say"

He turned to look at me psychically telling me I was an idiot. Well he didn't really..but the look he gave told me. "If you want to get back at him for disobeying you, you have to keep a close eye on him" He turned back staring outside. I didn't know what but whatever it was he stared at must be interesting if it can make him smile like an utter complete goof.

I walked closer to him to see what made him so happy "What are you looking at?" There were people outside but the only one's I knew were Caroline, Perry, Louis, Liam, and Niall... Maybe he still has feeling for caroline?

He turned back to face me completely flustered "Nothing" If he was looking at her he could just tell me. I don't know why he has to hide it?

I shrugged and continued where we left off "So do I have to be friends with Louis again?" I didn't want to. He already proved to me that he would keep on doing what he does to niall, not that it mattered I mean it's just to keep Liam's trap shut.

He sighed and looked out again "Yes" Seriously does if he likes caroline that much he should just get with her again. He doesn't have to mope around like that.

I walked up closer to him and patted his back "Dude why didn't you tell me you still liked Caroline?" He didn't blush or stutter nothing he just stared at me with a look that said I was an idiot....again

He sighed again taking my arm off him. "You know clearly I want nothing to do with her. I didn't even want to date her to begin with" Ouch! Don't look at me in a pissed way.

I looked at him skeptically, what was his deal? "So again revenge, how do we make it look like I forgave him?" I seriously didn't know. I mean I just punched him in the face a few minutes ago. Why would he believe in me again?

He looked at me only saying seven words "You know that saying, bro's before ho's"


Louis looked at me skeptical at first but them agreed "I knew you'd come back" He smirked. What a dick.."So do we still have to leave Niall and faggot alone?" He asked me and by the look of it he didn't want to.

As if I'd let him have what he wants. "Yeah but only for a while then you can do whatever the fuck you want to do to them" We decided to head back to Harry and as we passed we saw Niall and Liam. They were laughing about something Liam had said. He never laughs around me...

My hands began to form a fist but I didn't even notice until Louis asked me, "Mate, you alright?" I just nodded and kept walking forward. It's just a stupid laugh it shouldn't bother me.

We walked past Perrie but she didn't cling to me like usual. She's been playing the victim and ignoring me ever since this morning when I told her to leave me alone. It actually felt nice though. Not having her around me every minute of everyday. That seemed to really piss her off though.

"Hey Niall!" I could hear Liam talk "Want to stay at my place tonight?" It made me laugh. Niall would never agree to stay at someone Else's house. You could see why I it shocked me when he said, "Yeah"

"Did you hear that?" Louis smirked "The drag queens are having a slumber party" He snickered. It made me want to punch him again but for the sake of revenge I stopped myself "Zayn? You said we couldn't hurt them but..you didn't say anything about their house"

I stared at him for a while "You know where he lives?" I asked. How could he possibly know that? He just smirked and pushed me back to where Harry was. I knew Harry wasn't going to be surprised when he saw us together but louis didn't seem to care.

Harry stared at us for a while until speaking up "By the look on Louis face I'm guessing tonight's gonna be a long night" He nodded at Harry


I can't believe I have to stake out my own house....Well this is fucking awesome "Why are we following Niall?" I asked louis still trying to convince him to stop "We could just wait till he gets to Liam's house instead"

He looked at me but ignored what I had to say like the prick he is. "It's useful to know where the enemy lives" Since when did this dufus care where anyone lived?! He doesn't even know where I live!

I turned around and looked at harry but I couldn't say anything. I mean what was I going to tell him? Help me from letting louis find out me and Niall live together? Not even my family know where I live. I sighed giving up on stopping them. When we finally got there Louis started writing down the address. "There now you know where he lives can we go now?!"

All he did was shush me..I really want to punch this dick right now "Fine let's go to that guy Liam's house" He said finally "But first" He ran to my house trying not to be seen and looked through the windows doing something but I couldn't see what. I asked him what he did but all he said was "You'll see"

When we finally got to Liam's house we did nothing. Louis didn't even tell us yet what he wanted to do with his house. "Mate what are you waiting for?" Harry asked him after getting bored of just crouching behind someones bushes.

He shushed him and whispered "We have to wait till Niall comes"

I'm sick of this crap. I stood up and walked away from both of them not caring if I got caught. I didn't even see when I knocked Niall down. "Oww" He stood up rubbing his back but stopped when he saw it was me who knocked him down "Zayn?" He asked surprised "What are you doing here?"

I started to panic a little. The guys were just a few feet away from me I couldn't let them see me being nice to him. "Watch where your walking fag" I spat in his direction. "What are you doing here anyways?" I asked after I saw how hurt he looked when I called him a fag.

He just looked down and said, "I'm staying at Liam's tonight" He smiled at me "So umm I guess we won't be doing that tonight"

I quickly clasped my hand over his mouth shutting him up and whispering into his ear "Don't you fucking dare say that out loud" I glared at him then pushing him away quickly walking back to where the guys were.

"What happened?" Louis asked seeming surprised of what just happened "What did the fag do to you?"

Fag..hah "Don't you dare call him that" He's not a fag...I think "The bitch just knocked into me that's all" I crouched back down sitting next to Harry who kept looking at me suspiciously. It looked like he wanted to ask me something but stopped himself.

"Okay I think we've waited enough" Louis finally stood up "Here you go guys" He tossed a couple of cans at us "Let's have some fun" He smirked heading to the house. Apparently we were supposed to tag his house as much as we could saying the cruelest things but I stopped when I saw through one of his windows. Niall was in Liam's room naked...


Yeah I kinda rushed it...Oh well Oh yeah! Who do you guys think Harry was staring at????

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