What she doesn't know

Zayn is dating Perrie they are the ultimate couple at school everyone respects them and wants to be them Niall on the other hand is a nobody no one ever notices him he's always alone and his only friend is Liam but is that really all there is to it? No way! Zayn is secretly dating Niall behind Perries back (* This is boyxboy if you don't like it then DON'T READ!!)


5. Teddy Bear Niall

Zayn's POV

I'd finally gotten away from perrie and the others and headed back home. "Niall I'm home!" I screamed walking into the living room but no response. "You here?" I asked yet he still didn't respond.

I walked down into out room finally spotting him a sleep except...he wasn't alone. Liam was there sleeping next to him. I put my hands in a fist trying not to hit him or scream for them to wake up but liam woke up anyways.

He yawned cleaning his eyes finally seeing me stand there. "Your back already?" He asked looking at the clock "Shit it's late! I have to go." He took one last look at Niall then back at me "Take care of him. He already cried once today"

He cried? Why? It wasn't Louis was it?! "Why?" I asked calmly trying not to look suspicious

"He's in love with a jerk" ......Niall...In love? "With who?" I asked seriously wanting to know. He took a long look at me before responding as if he wasn't sure he should tell me. "He didn't tell me who she was"

He said clearly putting the she in there. What? Did he think I thought Niall was gay? Please, boys like girls. That's how it's supposed to be except some don't follow the rules. But...why did my chest hurt so much right now?

"Yeah so I'm leaving. You take care of Ni and f he cries again say goodbye to your rep" He said before running out the door into his car where ever he was late to. I sighed staring at him and turned to watch a movie. For some reason I didn't want to see his face right now...

"Your home?" Niall asked surprising me his eyes red and puffy.

"Yeah" Was all I said putting all my attention to the movie. Please just leave..

"What are you watching?" He walked closer and sat beside me. Leave before I scream.

"A movie" I mumbled

"Oh" He nodded looking at me "What's it about?"

That's it! I stood up and walked into our room slamming the door shut. Fuck zayn! Why are you acting so weird! I punched the wall ruffling up my hair. I opened the door a little to see outside where Niall was. He was just sitting there his head between his legs and his arms hugging them.

He looked like he was about to cry. I didn't feel guilty though. Knowing I caused that actually made me happy. "Hey Niall?" I walked out finally calming down.

"What?" He asked wiping his eyes.

"Who's the girl you like?" I smirked

"What?" He looked surprised his face getting pale

"You know the girl your in love with. Who is it?"

"I d-don't like anyone" He stuttered

"Yeah you do. Liam told me" I smirked


"Tell me her name"

"I don't like any girl!" He tried to get up but I pushed him back down again with me sitting on top of him.

"So who's making you cry?" His face by now had gone paler and paler.

"She..she doesn't" He stuttered again but we were interrupted by Perrie...

"Hi babe" I answered standing up

"Hi zaynie!" She giggled...ughh "Just called to say good night!"

" Good Night babe"

"Love you zaynie!"

"Love you too babe" I hung up but Niall wasn't there anymore. "Fuck" I murmured to myself. What's wrong with me? So what if he likes a girl he's still mine!

I walked towards our room to see he had locked it and left a blanket outside...Fuck! Where am I going to sleep now?! I walked to the living room again laying down on the couch covering myself witht he blanket.

"Should have just told me who he liked..." I murmured closing my eyes finally managing to fall asleep in the uncomfortable couch. It didn't last though when morning came the sun shone too bright waking me up.

"Ughh what time is it?" I looked at my phone seeing it was too early to go to school yet I decided to go back to sleep but I couldn't. I walked back to our room but this time the door was unlocked.

"Niall?" I asked walking inside. He must still be asleep. I walked closer to the bed and laid there right next to him falling asleep in a matter of seconds.


"Hey Zaynie what's wrong?" Perrie asked looking worried

"Nothing just sleepy" I yawned giving her a hug

"Why? You didn't sleep well?"

"Let's just say I usually sleep with a teddy bear and I lost him last night" I smiled making her laugh

"You sleep with a teddy bear?"

"Yeah. He's softer than a girl and white like snow"

She looked at me with a weird face "How cute!" She giggled.

"Niall" I overheard Liam "You look terrible!! Didn't you sleep at all last night?!"

"No, sorry" He smiled apologizing.

"Your eyes are super red here wear these" Liam put on a pair of shades on Niall that fell because they were too big making them both laugh.

"Zaynie!!" Perrie screamed making my attention go back to her


"You aren't listening to me!"

"Sorry babe just sleepy" I defended myself

I could've sworn she rolled her eyes "Oh there are the girls! Bye" She gave me a kiss and ran towards them.

"Hey Zayn" Louis greeted from behind me as if nothing ever happened

"What do you want?" I glared at him

"What are you mad at me for?" He asked offended pretending he did nothing

"You didn't obey my orders!" I screamed at him but he didn't care

"So what? Aren't we friends? Why should we let a pest like him ruin our friendship"

Pest? I'll show you who's a pest. I singed my arms punching him. "We're not friends"


Guys you gotta remind me to publish the next chapter because I always forget. The next update should be on next Thursday so remind me the next day if I didn't publish it.

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