What she doesn't know

Zayn is dating Perrie they are the ultimate couple at school everyone respects them and wants to be them Niall on the other hand is a nobody no one ever notices him he's always alone and his only friend is Liam but is that really all there is to it? No way! Zayn is secretly dating Niall behind Perries back (* This is boyxboy if you don't like it then DON'T READ!!)


10. Hey Buddy, Missed You

Liam's POV

Walking never seemed so dull and painful before. But when you're walking towards the guy who broke your heart once already well...nothing's left but pain. It's been years since I last walked down this street but back then it was nothing but joy and love. How pathetic.

"You should apologize to him"

Ha. Apologize? Me? No, never again. I quickly tried to get rid of the voice in my head. I was obviously losing that battle for it kept getting louder and louder repeating the same words. "Shut up" I spoke out loud. "Just shut up!" I ran and ran faster and faster each time. But there's only so far you can go before you're trapped between two walls.

It was just like I remembered it to be. Two stories high, a garden surrounding it, and a balcony leading to his room. I would climb up there so many times as a kid. I fell every time and he would help me up every time. You'd think I'd feel nostalgia, but all it brought was aching pain.

I didn't even have control of my body anymore. No matter how much I wanted to leave and never return again my body just moved on its own and rang the bell three times. I could run. Yeah that's what I should do. Too bad he had already opened the door.

His face was exactly like what I remembered. And his hair was just as curly as before. But those bruises...No. He deserved those. Why should I feel guilty? After all, I mean nothing to him anyways. "Liam?" He looked at me with a confused expression on his face. "What are you doing here? Back to beat me up again I see? Well come on give it to me I need to go out though so if you could speed this up a bit I think we'll be fine"

Yeah. That's the voice I hate the most. "I'm not here to hit you", I looked away and into his house and spotted shoes that he'd definitely never wear. He had a guy inside his house. It really shouldn't hurt like this. It really shouldn't.

"Well what else would you want from your former bully/best friend"

"Who's inside your house?", I asked instead not wanting to answer his question.

He lifted up and eyebrow looking back inside spotting no one and scoffed, "Freak" Then looked down at the shoes. "Just a friend. Which is none of your business, so I think you should leave now" He turned me around pushing me away, but I wouldn't have it.

"Who is it?", I screamed getting more and more angry by the minute. He looked like he was finally going to tell me but was interrupted by a familiar voice calling for 'Hazz'. "Niall? What the fuck are you doing to him!", I shoved him, but he didn't budge.

Instead he put one of his hands over my mouth and called back to the voice. "I'll be back Nialler! I just need to speak to someone quick! I swear I'll be right back!" He didn't move until he heard him call back with an all right. I was about to scream about him calling him Nialler when he shushed me. "Be quiet!"

He pushed me back into the back of his house where he knew no one would see us. After all, it used to be our secret hide out. "Apologize!", the voice spoke again. "Apologize!" "Shut up!", I screamed bringing back Harry's focus on me.

His eyebrow rose again. "What's the matter with you? I didn't even speak yet"

"Now that's none of your business!", I couldn't help but yell. I felt like a little kid in a fight. Just like the old times. "Now why is Niall in your house!"

"Don't yell!" He shushed me again. "He might hear"

It hurt. So much. Yeah, completely like the old times. "Since when did you care if people find out?" It was a miracle I even said it without my voice cracking.

He sighed and looked back at his house. "Whatever" He rolled his eyes. "Just...like could you pretend you never came to my house? I don't want Niall to know you found out"

Realization's a bitch. "Is that why the two of you were hanging out earlier? You two are going out?" It really really shouldn't hurt like this. "You two are going out! Is that why he's inside your house! Your sleeping with him!" I just couldn't. I wanted to scream at him so much.

"What the fuck's the matter with you! I told you to shut up!" He looked at me pissed. Really? I'm the one that has to be pissed! "No way in hell am I sleeping with him! We're just friends! Gross man just gross!"

I laughed unable to contain it. "Gross? So you think being gay is gross? Should have told you I was gay before I did then? Maybe then I would have found out you were a homophobe"

'I'm not a homophobe! It's just that he's like a brother, okay? You can't sleep with your own brother", He sighed again. "Just...please hear me out okay?" He sighed again and continued when I said nothing. How could I? He just said Niall was like his brother. "I'm playing cupid and I'm trying to set him up with someone I know that's a little too thick and swimming in a river called denial"

I scoffed, "Sounds a lot like someone I know"

"Yeah well whatever." He dismissed it immediately probably already knowing I was talking about him. "And in order to do that I need to keep my relationship a secret from others so yeah just pretend you never found out and I won't have any problems. You'll be on your way, yeah?"

I just stared refraining from yelling at him again. "Well then why don't you just be fake friends with me too then? Seeing as you have no problem with 'Faggots'."

He looked at me incredulously with a gaping mouth. "Are you serious? I'm not fake friends with Niall! I like the guy! In fact, I'm starting to think he's a better friend then you ever were before. Plus I'd have to change my plan if you get involved"


"Well change it because I'm not letting you hurt my best friend", I huffed. "And I meant pretend friends with me not him." Things can never be that way again. Not ever again.

"Fiiiiiiiine" He finally agreed sounding like it was a chore. "Just don't tell Niall what I told you right now okay? He doesn't know I'm setting him up with the other guy"

"What's the guys name? As far as I know me and Niall are the only 'Faggots' at out school"

Grinning up at me he responded with, "That's exactly why I'm doing this" He reached an arm around my shoulder making me jump at the contact. "But I can't tell anyone yet. Not even you"

All of a sudden the stupid voice changed again. "You see that? He still thinks your his special best friend! Now apologize!"

No, I'm not apologizing. Instead I pushed him up against the wall and shoved myself against him. "You better not be fucking with him!"

"Oh no! I'd never do that! I'd rather be fucking with someone else" He licked the top part of his lip and smirked "You catch my drift?"


"Hey Niall!", Harry yelled after a while of being gone. "Look who I brought! Guess it's true when people say that men just have to punch each other to be BFF's again eh? Cuz look! Lili's here!"

"Don't call me that", I whispered but he just stuck his tongue out at me.

"What?! Really!" He rushed down and smiled at both of us believing all the crap curly hair's was saying.

"Yeah umm sorry Ni about before? I was just pissed at something and took it out on him. Everything's fine now" I smiled and hugged him of course harry hugged me and him into a group hug. I glared at him so he wouldn't  touch me and like always he just shrugged.

"So uhh, you're not mad about me hanging out with Hazz?" A sting "You know after he uhh did those things to us? But! He didn't want to! It's just that uhh Zayn made him?" He looked at Harry who just nodded smiling at him. Yeah...made him. Of course I rolled my eyes at that when Niall turned around.

'Hey Ni! Here we went to the store and I bought you something" He pulled some kind of candy from his pocket and walked towards him as if trying to feed him. "Now open wide!" He did. And again came the pain.

"Your losing him you idiot"

"Yeah well you can't exactly lose what you never had", I told the voice.

"Yeah well how do you know that?"

"Only an idiot would think that" I looked at Harry  who just laughed at something Niall said while he kept feeding him. "And besides he's not gay! He's dating that girl Caroline"

"Well how do you know that?

"Yeah well how do I know I'm not going insane talking to myself?!", I screamed realizing I said that one out loud and was receiving weird stares from both of them.

"Then don't talk to yourself" Harry responded pushing Niall inside his room. "You remember where the guest room is right?" I nodded slowly and slightly unsure "That's where you're sleeping tonight! C'mon Ni we can share bunk beds!"

Niall laughed and shoved Harry a little "You have bunk beds? Aren't you a little too old for them?"

Harry however instead of being offended or anything just shrugged and gave him a little shove in return. "Well if you act like that I'll take the top bunk!", he teased sticking his tongue out at him.

Niall just rolled his eyes and looked back at me smiling the gentle smile he always gives. Although, his eyebrow indicated that he was worried about me. "You can sleep in the bunks if you want?"

"No", I refuse to sleep in the same room as that guy. "It's okay you two can have the bunks I'll just watch TV while you get your stuff ready, alright?"

He nodded and headed up leaving me and harry behind. He grinned from ear to ear no doubt happy he dragged me inside. "Don't worry, like I said he's like a brother" I couldn't help but scoff at that. We used to be like brothers once and well that didn't exactly work out well now did it? If it did I wouldn't have to be in this position and listening to eerie voices in my head that just won't shut up"

"Yeah well whatever" I walked away from him towards the sofa. Everything was exactly how I remembered it. And I hated that.

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