What she doesn't know

Zayn is dating Perrie they are the ultimate couple at school everyone respects them and wants to be them Niall on the other hand is a nobody no one ever notices him he's always alone and his only friend is Liam but is that really all there is to it? No way! Zayn is secretly dating Niall behind Perries back (* This is boyxboy if you don't like it then DON'T READ!!)


11. Block the You-Know-What

Someone's POV I don't even know...

Ƒîřƽ† Д††ℯ๓℘†

The First time was to get zayn to notice things about Niall...

He didn't have enough time to block. Zayn was too fast forcing Niall between the door and him. He wasn't aloud to run. Not after ditching him the night before. "Why are you late?" He asked nicely not wanting his anger to overcome him. "You said you'd be here at eight and that was two hours ago"

Niall was already used to this treatment. He didn't like it. He didn't like being someone's thing. "My friend took me out some far away place after breakfast," he shrugged. "Something about me needing pajamas so I wouldn't have to sleep naked"

Zayn couldn't stop staring silently cursing Harry in his head about being a dick. "There's a mall close by he didn't have to take you far" Not just one but many. "You're sleeping here tonight right? You promised" He didn't mean for that to come out as a whine. He wasn't a little kid for gods sake! Niall just raised an eyebrow. "You know the..."

"The sex? Yeah I remember" He was already getting mad at the taller boy. Couldn't he have one conversation with him that didn't lead to sex? Was it too much to ask? He couldn't believe that this was the type of guy he fell in love with. He probably should have stayed with Harry and Liam longer. It was odd, those two. One minute they were fighting and the next they were best friends like nothing happened.

"Yeah" Honestly he had already forgotten that deal. He spend most of the time wondering what he's be up to with the bastard Harry. He didn't trust him with Niall. Not one bit, who knew what he was planning and trying to become friends with Niall? That's way too suspicious. "So um can we?"

'What?" He looked at him incredulously. "Is something wrong with you or something? You never ask if I want to have sex with you. You always take."

"Just hurry up and get yourself ready okay?" He didn't know why he was even acting like this all of a sudden. It's all fucking Harry's fault probably. He probably did something to make him act like this. But...he hadn't seen him in a while. Doesn't matter! He probably found a way.

Niall nodded and headed upstairs dropping the bags he's been carrying on the floor. He had no need for them, Zayn smirked and headed upstairs behind him stripping himself on the way leaving nothing but his underwear.

There were a few rules when they had sex. They couldn't moan out each others names or it would be called off. They stopped when Zayn said so and Niall had to prepare himself without any help. Three simple rules and so far none had been broken. That is until some idiot outside started playing Wannabe by Spice Girls. It immediately interrupted the thing that had been taking place at the moment.

"Who the fuck is that?!", Zayn yelled looking for his boxers stepping aside to look outside spotting a familiar curly haired bastard on top of a tree with a boom box. A boom box in this day an age. What the fuck is he trying to do! Other than the fact that he's giving him two thumbs up, he'll pretty much be dead in a minute. "I'll be right back, you stay there and stretch yourself or something," he mumbled.

As soon as he got out he screamed loud enough for him to hear but not loud enough as to get the neighbors attention. "What the fuck are you doing! Turn that thing for crying out loud!"

The little bastard just smirked lowering the volume a little, "Didn't you know? I own this tree. I think it's going to become my third vacation house. I'm going to have to remodel though it's a little too small"

"You want me to tell him you know we both live together? Huh? What do you think he's going to think when he finds out?"

"Do you want me to tell the whole school that you shag the fag? Won't that also make you a fag? I don't know why you call them that though. Him and Liam are actually nice, why don't you just I dunno be nice? You can even break up with Perrie while you're at it! She's a total bitch just like Caroline! Then we can all hold hands and be gay together!"

"I already told you I'm not attracted to guys!"

"You are aware that gay can also mean happy? Go read a dictionary you uneducated prat"

"Just leave! You already took Niall from me last night!"

"Ooooh was little zaynie jealous? Don't worry he was not sexually assaulted by me although I couldn't resist pinching those pink, plush nipples. They're so adorable! I just wanted to pinch them all the time!" It wasn't exactly a lie on Harry's part. He did see them and pinch them but he liked someone else's nipples even more. It didn't stop Zayn though as soon as he heard the words nipple and pinch well...let's just say that the neighbor kids really shouldn't leave their toys laying around. They could cause a specific curly haired bastard to 'accidentally' fall off a tree. "I could sue you for that", He rubbed his behind and boom box making sure everything was okay before finally getting back up.

"Just leave! I'm busy" The look on his face when Zayn said that made him want to throw a big rock at him. "Go!"

"Alright! Alright! Sheesh!" He put his hands up in a defensive position. "I just thought you should know I saw your mom today"

What "What?" He had to be lying. There was no way he saw his mother. She was back home in Bradford there was no way she was here. "You're lying"

"Yep!", He popped the P twirling around to pick up his boom box. "Now hurry along I bought him his favorite snacks. Here you go." He handed him a bag full of candy he never tasted before. He didn't take it, only raised his eyebrows.

"Favorite snacks?"

Harry tsked at him. "Don't you live with the guy? These are the type of important things you should know!" And with that he ran leaving a limp Zayn behind cursing at him. But instead of laughing Harry just though, Go get him tiger! What are friends for?!

§ℯcℴŋđ Д††ℯ๓℘†

The second time was to get Zayn to make himself better for Niall...

He couldn't do anything after talking to Harry so it was no wonder he was sexually frustrated today. Not even seeing Niall laying down on their bed all defenseless and ready got him fell like doing anything to him. Who could after talking about their own mom?! Plus what harry told him made him start to think, how come he knew almost to nothing about Niall? He'd been living with the guy for a long time and he knew nothing. Did he even want to continue doing thing he had with zayn?

But today was another day and there was no way Harry could interfere this time. At least...he hoped he didn't. He couldn't stop thinking about how he acted though. Did he act like that before? No he couldn't be bothered about that right now. Right now he just wanted to do things with Niall that involved different positions and no one was going to stop him today.

"Niall!", He called after spotting the boy, dragging him somewhere private. "I need you! So uhh can we? I know it's not like we always do it, but I really need it" He wasn't lying. He'd been holding back all day during school. He couldn't take the wait anymore, he needed it now!

"Are you crazy!" he yelled. "There is no freaking way we're doing that in school!"

"Please," he whimpered. "I really really need it! right now!"

"No! Just this once can't you think of anything other than sex! Get your damn girlfriend to do it for you!"

"You know she won't do anything for me! Why do you think I'm-" He immediately cut himself off making sure no one was watching and when he was sure no one there he continued. "- Why do you think I'm sleeping with you in the first place?!"

Niall wouldn't have it though. He gave Zayn plenty of chances the day before and he did nothing. And now...how could he think he'd do it after basically being called a man whore. "N-O No!"

Zayn couldn't wait any longer. He was no way getting a case of blue balls so no way no how was he letting Niall decide for him. Besides the rules they had made it obvious who decided when they did what. So he did the only reasonable thing to do. He slung Niall on top of his shoulders and carried him somewhere private they could be. Not the janitors closet, who knows what the man's been doing in there.

All the classes had students occupying it so the only place left was the restroom. Well that was good, he had a sign that said the restrooms were broken so they wouldn't have any interruptions. "Just please. I couldn't do anything last night so please! If you do then...then I guess I could take you out somewhere later? You know as long as no one finds out"

Niall just stared in disbelief, but finally gave up thinking that if he listened to the jerk that clearly still cared more about his rep than anything then maybe he'll leave him alone and maybe, maybe one of these days he'll finally decide to move on to someone better.

"Fine! I'll do it! But just one blow-job okay? Nothing more, okay? Take it or leave it"


He was nodded and leaned against the stall closing his eyes with Niall on his knees staring straight at him. He always did that when he was trying to find out which approach to take. And every time he did the aftermath was worth it. He wondered who taught him how to do these things. But the thought of someone else doing anything to him just made him want to murder someone. He didn't know why. He seriously didn't.

 He was just about to move deciding on something when somebody so rudely began to yell and shriek in the stall beside them. What the fuck! I swear if it's harry he's going to die!

"Oh my god can your dick be any more smaller!" the guy yelled. "How is that going to fit! I've seen fucking paper clips that were wider!" Niall of course found it disturbing and immediately stood up and it didn't really help that he was nosy so he just listened in. It didn't really help the throbbing in his underwear either. "It looks like a freaking toothpick!" the stranger whined.

It continued on like that for a disturbingly amount of time with one of them tossing insults at the other about his miniature member. The guy even told him that he'd seen bread harder than his dick. They only left after the guy finished it off with an "Holy crap! Your condoms look like the thumb of a freaking glove! You know what just forget it! I'm just going to leave I don't have to put up with this!"

It was the weirdest experience they've both ever had. It also managed to get rid of the little mountain zayn had been harboring "I uhh" Niall looked down at Zayn where he was supposed to be touching before they got interrupted. "Yeah I'm just going to leave now. This was uhh...real awkward. I'll finish it at home I guess? And uhh don't let what the guy said get to you. I'm pretty sure he may have been exaggerating about you a little"

Of course Zayn being Zayn his only response was to be offended. "My dick is so not small! It's obviously bigger than the guy that just left!"

"Penis envy is not a good look for you and I'm pretty sure the guy was alone sooo-" And with Niall replying like that...it just made him even more mad at the guys that had been next to them. I swear if I find that guy I'm going to kill him.

"Just get your stuff," he grumbled. "I'm leaving"

They didn't even stop to see if the guys had actually left and then maybe then Zayn could have killed curly and his little helper. "Do you think that got the message through to zayn?" Harry bit his lip. He really wanted it to work.

Liam just scoffed still not knowing why he had to be in there with him. "What kind of plan was that? All you did was throw insults about some guys tiny...friend! How is that going to help them? And did I just hear right? How long have they been doing this?!?!"

"I'll tell you their sad love story later. Now come on class is almost over!", not that he minded or anything since he thought school wasn't really helpful for him right now. He grabbed Liam's hand leading the way to class were he was supposed to be.

τђîřđ Д††ℯ๓℘†

The third was just a way to help Zayn get over his fear of anyone finding out...

He bribed three kids. Promising lots of sweets and goodies in exchange for one traumatic experience. Not just any kids though, no he would never do that to some strangers kids. No, he chose three of his most annoying cousins.

It was kind of pay back for them being annoying buggers, but it wasn't the first time they walked into two people having sex. Hell they walked into groups of people so what's one more gonna do? They'll probably be fine! He was more worried about Zayn at the moment with his fear of people seeing him with a dude.

"Shhhh," he warned as he picked the lock to zany's house. "You don't want them to hear you yet or else no candy for the little people" All the kids nodded while trying to be the quietest little kids could possibly be. Now...where was their room again?

After having to try out each and every room they finally found the right one. Well that was a downer...they weren't doing anything...sad... However, both of them were in bed with nothing on and spooning. Zayn never spooned.  How Cute Harry just couldn't believe Zayn was dense enough to not figure out on his own that he was in love with Niall!

"Okay kids you know the plan! Scare the crap out of the tall brooding one and hope it fixes his fear then runaway and hope no one catches you! I'll be outside so Go!" He immediately headed towards the door leaving it open so the kids could escape and waited.

It took a few minutes and a few seconds before he heard the screams of the one and only Zayn screaming "how did they fucking got in here!". Not bad for little twerps but too bad he couldn't see zany's face running after the kids. He was too busy saving his own ass, but he could practically hear him screaming "Get off my lawn!", like a bitter old man waving his slippers at them. Did he even wear slippers? Probably.

"Will you just shut up already!", he heard a familiar voice from back at the house halting him to a stop and hiding so he could see what would happen next. Niall was carrying Maxxie on his arms much to Harry's surprise. Maxxie was the fastest of the lot. Why would he get caught?

Then it hit him. Niall was cooing and cuddling him making a mad zayn even madder. "Stop cuddling him!" He yelled and that's when he saw that zayn did in fact have a slipper on his hands. "How did you twerps even get in my fucking house!"

"Language!", Niall yelled once again not pleased with the behavior Zayn was acting on. "So how did you get in our house?" Our? Well isn't that lovely?

Maxxie stared at Niall blushing opening his mouth and closing it once more probably remembering the threat harry gave him if he said anything. He immediately gave Niall a quick peck on the cheek, jumped off of him, kicked Zayn on the shins and run from a very jealous and pissed of Zayn Malik. Well not exactly according to plan, but hey It's not every day you see a guy get jealous over a kid.


So yeah not the best way but still, people can easily see that he cared and did his best to get his ideas across...even if they could potentially come back and bite him in the ass later, but that's later...


Oh so I like might have erased and accidentally mess up some parts in this chapter soooo sorry if it causes any confusion or anything

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