What she doesn't know

Zayn is dating Perrie they are the ultimate couple at school everyone respects them and wants to be them Niall on the other hand is a nobody no one ever notices him he's always alone and his only friend is Liam but is that really all there is to it? No way! Zayn is secretly dating Niall behind Perries back (* This is boyxboy if you don't like it then DON'T READ!!)


9. Blah Blah Blah too many words

I have a habit of disappearing...


Niall's POV

"Open wide!", Harry said as he tried to feed me. I didn't know what it was, but it was really good so leave it to my mouth to follow his orders. I wanted to ask why he was being so nice, but every time I opened my mouth he stuffed it with whatever edible thing he could find.

"Shouldn't you be with Zayn and Louis right now? I mean we're at school. Don't you have a rep to keep?"

He looked at me and lately that's all he does. He just stares. Not only at me, but others as well. Once I even caught him staring at some stranger at a restaurant he took me to. "Why can't I be with you? We're friends right? Why should I be ashamed of hanging out with you?"

"But won't zayn and-"

"Won't they what? Honestly I couldn't give two shits for whatever it is they'll do to me. Besides I have you don't I? You'll protect me right?" He shined a big smile at me.

"You're weird" I said without even noticing and when I realized what I told him I immediately shut my mouth.

"Yeah I guess you could say that, but you aren't exactly normal either are you? If you were then I would hang out with you. I mean think about it a normal person would just do normal things everyday all the fucking time. The same things! That would just be plain boring!"

I laughed, he really was weird. Not exactly what I originally thought he was. "Yeah I guess so, but I thought you were...you know the quiet type that just watches things happen"

"Niall Niall Niall don't you get it? There is no such thing as the quiet type. Deep down everybody wants to scream and let their thoughts be heard. It's just that some people happen to be shy or some other reason. My reason was that I simply didn't like those rejects so I kept quiet and watched them make a fool of themselves"

I couldn't help but smile at that. "Then how do I know you're showing your true self to me right now?"

"You don't. All you need to know is that I like you. Isn't that enough?"I guess he really isn't what I thought he was. He was completely different than the other people he hung out with. "Hey Nialler someone sent you a text" He pointed at my pocket.

"Oh!" I checked it and It was a message from Liam asking me who I was talking with. I started to look for him, but I couldn't see him.

"What are you looking for?" Harry asked.

"Umm Liam he says he can see me talking to you but I can't see him anywhere." As soon as I told him that his face turned pale. He himself told me they used to be friends so I didn't understand why he was so scared of him.



'Where is he?!" He screamed. He looked desperate turning everywhere. "Shit! I have to leave. Don't tell him anything okay? Please?" I didn't know why he suddenly turned like this. Usually he was his confident self, but every time Liam was mentioned it was like he was seeing a ghost or something and he never wanted to tell me why.

"What are you doing with Niall?" I could hear Liam's voice with a questioning tone. "What did you do to him?!" He didn't even look at me to see if he'd actually done anything to me. All he was paying attention to was Harry with a hurt look in his eyes. "I swear if you touched him-"

"What if I did? What are you going to do about it faggot?" I just stood there a little shocked at Harry's words. He never once said anything like that to me. It was as if zayn and Louis were right there so he had to put up an act.

I really wanted to tell Liam the truth about Harry, although, looking at him it didn't seem like he cared at all what I said. I didn't really hear what harry told Liam, but whatever he said it had a massive impact. I'd never seen Liam get so pissed before. He started hitting Harry and not once did harry hit back, nor did he try to block the punches. I tried to stop him...he didn't even budge.

After a long while for what seemed like hours he finally stopped beating him. I would've helped Harry up but Liam pulled me away. I could've sworn though...I swear I saw a tear fall from Harry's eyes.

"Did he do anything to you?" Liam finally spoke to me actually acknowledging my existence for once during the whole day. I didn't even respond, although, I did punch him.

"Why did you do that to him?! All we did was talk!"

"What do you mean talk?! I saw the other two bloody wankers coming towards you guys! He probably called them to gang up on you!"

"If those two wankers actually tried to come up to us don't you think they would've helped him by beating you up?!"

I ran. I didn't want to speak to him. Harry was actually the nicest of those three and didn't they used to be friends?! "Where are you going?!" He asked me.

"None of your fucking business!"


I finally caught up to harry who was in the parking lot ready to ditch school and go home. "Wait!" I yelled.

He seamed to hear me because he laughed and sighed. "Is this what it feels like for you guys? Getting beat up by jerks like us? No... not even jerks that's too good a name to call us by"

I gave him a faint smile knowing exactly what he just went through. "He's sorry you know? He's just a little too over protective and well when he saw us together and knowing you're friends with-"

"No Nialler...he's not sorry at all" He paused for a moment. "I caused it really so I wouldn't blame him for what he did to me just now, but...do you mind if I stop by at your house? My parents would kill me if they saw me like this"

"Sure" I smiled "But you're driving"


"Ow oww owww! You could be a little more gentle! I'm a corpse as it is I don't need you putting salt on my wound!"

"It's not salt! It's something Liam showed me. It helps your bruises and cuts heal faster"

"You know I could've beaten him up you know? But since he's your best friend I stopped myself"

"Yeah yeah yeah tell that to these bruises" I laughed. It was good to know he was back to himself again. "But you know you shouldn't call people faggots and didn't you guys used to be friends before?"

"I know" He frowned looking like a dejected puppy. "So do you live alone or with someone?" He gestured at the house. Well I wasn't really a good liar so I just told him I lived with a roommate who was gone for half of the time. He seemed to buy it because he dropped the subject right away. "It must be nice, you know living with someone. I've always pretty much been by myself since both my parents have jobs which seem to be more important than me"

I didn't even hesitate to hug him when he said that. Normally I would've questioned why Harry was hanging out with me when he used to help zayn and the others pick on me and Liam, but...something about him made me trust him. It was like...he was like me in some way. Just a little lost in the world trying to figure out what to do. Luckily I had Liam but harry...who did he have?

I knew he was friends with Liam once, but with what I saw today I can't help but wonder...what happened to the two of them? Something must have happened to get Harry to hang out with those cowards. "Well if you want I could spend the night at your house? As long as you don't tell Zayn or Louis..." Especially Zayn...

"Sure but you have to promise not to tell Liam" He smiled at me pulling me to the hallway "Now get on packing!"

I wanted to tell him, but...how can you tell someone you don't really need to pack anything since someone rips your clothes for sex reasons leaving me with almost nothing to wear..."It's fine I just need to take a toothbrush"

"Could it be you don't have any clothes to sleep in?" I nodded "Well that's okay I mean I sleep in the nude too so you got nothing to worry about!" Nothing to worry about? Hah I'd love him to face Zayn for me when I tell him I can't have sex with him tonight either because I have another sleepover...that guys going to murder me. "Your roommate won't mind right?"


"I said your roommate, he won't mind if you stay over at my house tonight?" Well I could always tell zayn that I'll have an all nighter with him after I return...I probably won't be able to sit up straight after that though...but! everybody's got to make sacrifices.

"No not at all I'll just call him right now and tell him" I took out my phone hopping he wouldn't answer but then again lady luck must have something against me. When he answered I couldn't help but hear a girls voice...Perrie's voice to be exact. He was probably at her house right now like every other day. "Umm I'm going to be staying at a friends house tonight?" I didn't really plan it to come out as a question though.

His voice suddenly got low probably since someone else was in the room. "With Liam? Come on! You just stayed over his house a little bit over a week ago!" As I said I couldn't lie so I immediately said his name was Harry...I turned to see if he was okay with me saying his name but he didn't seem to mind the one who did...was Zayn. He immediately hung up on me after that.

"What'd he say?" I just gave him a sheepish nod and headed towards the door. He probably thought it was another harry right? I mean he wouldn't believe I was friends with one of his friends... We didn't even get outside the door when Harry's phone started ringing. He smiled at the screen and laughed. "Sorry I have to take this" He walked away behind the house and that call didn't help at all with the nervousness I was feeling. He couldn't possibly now it was this harry right?

Harry's POV

"Well isn't this sweet? What do you want!" I screamed suddenly changing the tone of my voice. It was bad enough I was beaten by Liam and now this idiot was calling me!

"You... what the fuck did you do to Niall?! What does he mean he's staying over at a guy named Harry's house?!"

"Calm down it's not like I'm going to rape him" I sighed "You better not tell him that you know he hangs out with me"

"Why! So you can hug him again in front of my face!" Well someone's a bit jealous today. Must be nice...

"Well at least I'm not switching spit with a girl in front of the guy I like's face! We're just friends okay! I just happen to like him that's all. It's not like I'll steal him away from you" I love someone else...

"Just...just don't tell him you know about us..." It surprised me when he said that. The Zayn Malik is actually starting to show some care for someone that isn't himself. Now if only he'd just admit it. But then again that's what they have me for!

"I got it! I got it! We already made a deal before right? I promise I'll protect your princess" I hung up. I kind of wanted to hear what he would say next but if I did hear it would probably be just more denial. Good thing cupids here! I may not be able to solve my romance but I surely can help others! Yeah leave it to those two lovebirds to make me happy again. Like I said before, this was going to be fun.


So yeah next chapter is going to be about Liam's POV so yeah...bye

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