What she doesn't know

Zayn is dating Perrie they are the ultimate couple at school everyone respects them and wants to be them Niall on the other hand is a nobody no one ever notices him he's always alone and his only friend is Liam but is that really all there is to it? No way! Zayn is secretly dating Niall behind Perries back (* This is boyxboy if you don't like it then DON'T READ!!)


1. Everyday Routine

Well as all of you may have seen there are almost no 1D bromance fanfics so Imma write haha hope you enjoy! It's boyxboy so don't read if you don't like and if you don't like then why are you even here in the first place?

Zayn's POV

"Zaynie I want a hug" Perrie asked "Sure babe" I hugged her while the crowd behind us awed "Don't they make a cute couple?"I wish I had a boyfriend like Zayn" "Lucky Bastards"They all stared at us with a look of respect. Everyone would always say how cute we look together and how we would probably make it and get married we probably will....

"Babe do you love me?" She asked "Of course I do why else would I be dating you"I pecked her on the lips "Yeah I guess you're right but I don't want the same thing that happened with Harry and Caroline to happen to us""Babe I would never in a million years cheat on you" "I hope so"She said with sadness in her voice but she'll get over it she always does

"Zayn! Got some new's you might want to know!"Harry and Louis both said together "What?""We have a new kid his name is Liam Payne""So? Why should I care?" "Turns out he's gay" "He's one of those? God we keep getting lot's of them these days" I said with anger in my voice "Let's go pay him a visit I' be back in a minute babe""Go for it"She smiled guess she's over it

We walked down the hall looking for him and in just a few minutes we found him in the library with a blond headed boy talking and giggling but that just made me sick I wanted to beat the crap out of him right now. "You liam payne?" I asked him "Yeah who are you?" "Like I have to explain myself to a fag like you" "Let me guess you're here to beat me up for liking guys? Typical let's go Niall" He told the blond boy but he just nodded at him not looking up from a book he was reading

"Listen to me when I'm talking to you" "I'll listen when you have something worth listening to""Wrong move Fag no one talks to me that way""I just did""That's it I was going to go easy on you but now I'm not giving you any mercy" I pushed him on the wall telling Harry and Louis to grab him so he wouldn't get away while I punched him

"Stop!" Niall yelled pushing me away from Liam "Looks like somebody got brave and wants to save their boyfriend" Louis teased while grabbing both of his arms tight making sure he wouldn't get away "You seem just like my type" Louis grinned "Thought you guys hated fags isn't he one" Liam stated "There is a difference between being a fag and being bi atleast when you're bi you still like girls"Harry defended while Louis started to feel Niall up and leaving him kiss marks

He looked terrified about what was happening staring at me with eyes that said help but he should know better than to ask me for help. I punched him in the gut one last time before telling the other guys to stop "Let's go don't want to catch Fag" I laughed while walking away back to Perrie like I always did....


After I said bye to Perrie after driving her to her house I started to drive to a familiar house I always went after leaving her

"I'm back!" I yelled while walking to the living room "Welcome back" He greeted as I sat on his lap looking at his piercing icy blue eyes "Hi Niall" Was the last thing I said before leaning down closing the space between us kissing him...


There we go My first story on Movellas oh and sorry if I made any mistakes can't really spell check here haha




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