A student's adventure

Uncertainty, and no idea what to expect. That's what runs through most fresh university student's minds whenever they go into their first year, and there's no way of predicting the inevitable whirlwind which is to come.

This is the very situation I find myself in now, and here is a diary about myself going through my very first stages of University, so any of you younger/older readers can get a glimpse of what it must be like. Each chapter will present a new event which I have been through, I hope you enjoy it!


2. 23rd Sept, Freshers fest underway!

Hello again people. So today, I can guarentee I didn't have the day I was expecting.

I'm going to shock you all by saying I got lost trying to find the place (totally should have scouted it out during the summer break) so I ended up spending an hour walking around all over town. I asked a receptionist at the main entrance of the entire University where the building was and she kindly gave me directions, then told me nothing was on. Hmm.

Anyway, I decided to have a wander and see what I could find. Sure enough, I walk round the corner and I can hear dance music echoing. I walk a bit closer, I can smell a barbecue. Walk a bit closer, I can see a table tennis, erm, table, (I mean why wouldn't you, any chance to play table tennis has to be taken.)  

It turns out what I was very much expecting to be a sort of, meet and greet session between students, turned out to be a mini festival. Oh dear. I probably should have expected it, after all, it is freshers fest week for a reason, but I was totally caught off guard. Here I am, by myself, watching groups of people walk rather awkwardly together (possibly people who just discovered they live close maybe) and some rather loud live acoustic music coming from a tent, somewhere in between. It was disappointing. In I walked, given a wristband which is scientifically proven to be impossible to do by yourself. (It isn't, but in my case it is.) It was potentially the most awkward day I've ever had.

So, I said to myself, in my head of course because out loud would just be weird, what is the least awkward thing I can do now? One bottle of coke later I was sat in a plastic garden chair in a tent listening to live music. The mic was turned up way too loud and was drowning most things out, including their own guitar, but it was a natural comfort zone as I'm a musician myself. I must have done some serious marathon texting though. (I had to make it look like I had friends!) Eventually it came down to one artist who was very, very good. She did her own acoustic versions of pop songs, and she had such a great voice. Okay I'll admit it, I fancied her a little bit. I did wait to see if I could catch her at the end but she was chatting to people working on sound and I'd have felt out of place, and as it had already been awkward day, I decided to just step outside and go exploring.

This is where I had one of the most bizarre encounters I have ever had in my life. A student dressed in full green on stilts asking me to sign up for a free year long membership of the funfair that was just outside. (It wasn't much of a funfair though.) He was so happy when I agreed that he did a little cheer, I'm just glad he didn't jump for joy. Then somebody else who was working with him walked beside me and asked, "Why does it put nin instead of mum?" It was a very good question, but I was rather caught out and felt rather awkward as it was another pretty girl (I swear the Uni is full of them.) I did manage to sustain a level of conversation though. 

After that I was so tired of walking around I decided to come home. Whenever I felt a bit awkward I basically did some walking, so I must've walked for at least 4 and a half hours today. I've vowed to do much less walking tomorrow, when there's more things going on! I would tell you what they are, but that would mean knowing myself! But I will be sure, of course, to let you know how it all goes.

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