Over Their Dull Heads:The Tarot Children Series One

Tighter, tighter, tighter...gone...
Every one knows what a limbo is? A state of mind after death when one of the limbo ghost has not fulfilled their life’s duty and must continue as a ghost until forced into possession of another, a loved one, one that can see you, one that has one of your belongings it goes on. Sometimes your life’s wish is to say good bye, sometimes it’s just because you’re not noticed enough. It could be anyone under possession... So watch your dull heads, a ghost of limbo may be above you.

Tarot (tar-oh): Tarot cards are paranormal cards that over take their host





(writers note: You better respect me for this, writing this gave me the spooks because I was writing this at night time, anyway ENJOY ^-^)
Brandon is a ‘almost’ normal fifteen year-old kid, you see, he is blind out of one-eye and none the less of his one working eye, he chooses to close his eyes and go with being blind.

He heard mumbles from outside, sounded like yelling. He had been out of his room after dark but it seemed impossible for him to do it now, he always feared teachers hanging around the halls, afraid that they would catch him. So he sat there reading a binary book, laughing at comical scenes. Suddenly he heard a loud bash against his wooden door, mumbles emitted from it. Brandon slid further from the door. The same bash came again he only heard one word emit from the door this time “help”.

Brandon was afraid to step closer to the door. He thought and mumbled to himself
“what about if the person is in trouble out there and I’m just being a dick...”
“Oh god, what if a person if getting murdered out there. I’m being a really, really big dick?!”
he murmured to himself. He heard the large bashing again and a large scream emitted this time. He heard feet rushing along the halls, more than one person. More scream from other people, some cries of awe.
“What are they so scared about anyway, it can’t be that bad, I mean if everyone came to see it then it can’t be that bad right, I’ll just peek my head out, maybe just open my eyes for a bit just so I can see, maybe...”

He heard his feet creak against his floor boards. The stepped another foot closer and listened...no more screams outside, only silence and a few small bits of chatting. He began to walk closer to his door; he had learned how his room is placed, where everything is so this was no problem but for some reason he felt like a drunken man staggering around. He stepped closer to his door again and reached for the handle before realising it was just out of reach. He stepped closer and opened a slight but of the door. As he did he opened one eye to take a peek at what the fuss was about.
A cheery groggy voice exclaimed next to him, a blue-eyed white shadow was standing there, slightly floating above the ground. Brandon stood back quickly and closed his door shut.
“It’s all a joke”
“Open the door, I’m just kidding”
“Come on, I’m harmless”
The over-lapping voices from one host continued,
Brandon reached for the door-knob, he held back on turning it to open. At this point both his eyes were open even though of one of them being blind.
“Come on, don’t be afraid”
“Come on, open the door, please”
“It’s just me...Juliet”
The groggy voice stopped and opened to a beautiful hypnotizing angelic voice.
“You don’t remember me? no one does...”
Brandon did remember a girl named Juliet, he sat next to her in social studies two years ago... she hung herself in her room about one year ago, the only thing people remembered about her was ‘the suicide bitch with a high voice’
“I-I remem-ber you....”
Brandon said, he felt tempted to open the door. But still held back.
“Hey lover boy, turn around”
The voice said with a snort, Brandon turned around slowly to see the gloomy figure standing there, bright blue eyes, faint stands of hair and visible decaying flesh.
“Don’t worry, I’m just a ghost. Oh and one thing... I. AM. THE. HANGED. CARD!”
The voice stopped the angelic voice and began to become groggy again.
“So am I”
The voice became dark-toned
“And so am I”
More voices into once sentence began
“We all are”
“And we’re here to make a few dreams come true, isn’t that right?”
She questioned herself
“Why yes it is”
She answered to herself. She stared eerie at Brandon and launched him backwards, she grabbed a card from his bed-side table.
“The world, eh?”
She said and rubbed the card with her white transparent fingers, the card began to change at the sides, in bottom words it said, not compete ‘T_E _ANG__ _A_’ like a game of hang-man
“When you find out what it says...welcome to my world”

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