Over Their Dull Heads:The Tarot Children Series One

Tighter, tighter, tighter...gone...
Every one knows what a limbo is? A state of mind after death when one of the limbo ghost has not fulfilled their life’s duty and must continue as a ghost until forced into possession of another, a loved one, one that can see you, one that has one of your belongings it goes on. Sometimes your life’s wish is to say good bye, sometimes it’s just because you’re not noticed enough. It could be anyone under possession... So watch your dull heads, a ghost of limbo may be above you.

Tarot (tar-oh): Tarot cards are paranormal cards that over take their host




Sonnie was sitting with her friend, each sharing a Capri-sun together
“Hey, you know what we should do, Sonnie?”
Her friend said in delight of an idea still in her mind
“I don’t know what we should do, eat children? Make daisy chains? Do our homework?”
“No, no I meant something unproductive”
She smiled still with white teeth
“So you mean eating children and making daisy chains is productive?”
Sonnie’s friend said as her mind travelled.
“I was going to say lets tell ghost stories, but you know if your mind is set on eating children and making daisy chains that sounds fun”
Sonnie’s friend said before spluttering into laughter at her own jokes.
“Ok then lets tell ghost stories about eating children and making daisy chains!”
Sonnie said smiling, she walked over to the light switch and turned off the lights then picked up a bat-man torch and shined it onto her face.
“One time a long, long time ago there was a ghost. In a place and he ate babies if their mother had made them a daisy chain oooooooh...THE END!”
“No, you’re doing it wrong, my turn!”
Sonnie’s friend said snatching the torch away from her hand, making a bat-man symbol on her chin.
“There one was a ghost of uhh.. Terabithia-“
“wait... wasn’t that a movie, bridge to Terabithia?”
“Nope, enjoy the story. The ghost was so terrifying that he would make babies uhh eat themselves!”
Sonnie’s friend said holding back a snorting laugh
“Ohhh, I’m so scared!”
Sonnie chuckled
“Shut up! My story would make an awesome book, continuing on with my glorified stories! The ghost was all like ‘oohhh OhhoohhhOHHhh’”
Sonnie’s imitated a ghost, with added wiggling fingers for the better affect
“It’s the orgasm ghost, whatever shall we do!”
Sonnie fell back in laughter on her computer chair.
“That’s it I’m going to bed, ok?”
Sonnie’s friend said wiggling into the extra bed; most the rooms had extra beds because they were supposed to be two people for one room but ended up that most people were uncomfortable in a room with two people.

Sonnie’s friend picked up her Capri-sun and drank the rest of it in a quickly gulp, leaving the thin plastic Capri-sun packet on the floor.
“Ok, night”
Sonnie said and did the same, throwing the discarded Capri-sun on to the ground.

The oak door creaked open
“Oh, I’ll go close that, must have been the wind ha..ha”
Sonnie began
“Ok, I’ll just uhh stay here”
Sonnie’s friend answered
“Erm, got it”
Sonnie said and began to shut the door
“Oooovveeerrr hhheeerrreee”
A groggy voice said deeply
“Oh, I see your the fool, eh?”
The voice continued. Sonnie began to turn around.

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