Over Their Dull Heads:The Tarot Children Series One

Tighter, tighter, tighter...gone...
Every one knows what a limbo is? A state of mind after death when one of the limbo ghost has not fulfilled their life’s duty and must continue as a ghost until forced into possession of another, a loved one, one that can see you, one that has one of your belongings it goes on. Sometimes your life’s wish is to say good bye, sometimes it’s just because you’re not noticed enough. It could be anyone under possession... So watch your dull heads, a ghost of limbo may be above you.

Tarot (tar-oh): Tarot cards are paranormal cards that over take their host




Andrew was strolling the school, it was night time, and everyone was in their rooms. Apart from, well...Andrew, he whispered silently to himself, he did know that you were not meant to walk in the school at night, most children have done it anyway. So why wouldn’t he?

He was wearing a black night gown that covered all the way to the ground, it was his father’s before his father died. Andrew was the tallest in the school, black hair, brown eyes which everyone said ‘sparkled’, no sense of humour though, he didn’t really have a lot of friends. He was more the silent artistic type, carrying around a note book and pens in every single pocket he had, people always pedo-ing his drawings saying ‘oh that’s cool’, ‘is that mean to be a [fill in the blank]’.

A door creaked off to the side, Andrew jumped and backed slightly away, he wasn’t really the brave type at all.
“Oh hi, I wasn’t really thinking anyone would be outside at this time”
A boy said followed by a girl holding a blood-stained ripped card in her hand, he boy was holding one too. The card both had a hot-pink love heart at the top. One thing Andrew noticed was the boy’s face.
“A-are you wearing lip-stick?”
Andrew asked and raised an eyebrow.
The boy said and wiped his mouth, pink colour came off on his hand. Andrew saw the girl behind him stifle a laugh. She stopped laughing and straightened her back quickly before the boy noticed.
“Come on, you like nice with that colour”
The girl laughed an echo into the hallways. She kissed him and transferred her pink lip-stick onto his lips. Andrew at this point was slowly backing away. The girl pulled away from her boy-friend and leaned her hand on stomach and began to laugh again.
“Are you ok, bro, you don’t look so good, man”
The boy said to Andrew. Andrew could almost swear his face was green, he was never really a fan of people kissing in-front of him, as both the girl and the boy could see clearly. Andrew pulled out his sketch book and a pen, writing down something into his book. He showed it to the boy.
“Oh, so you’re feeling sick then?”
The boy asked. Andrew wrote down another few letters.
“Ok, you should just leave then, I don’t want to be the one to clean it up”
He laughed at his voice.

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