Over Their Dull Heads:The Tarot Children Series One

Tighter, tighter, tighter...gone...
Every one knows what a limbo is? A state of mind after death when one of the limbo ghost has not fulfilled their life’s duty and must continue as a ghost until forced into possession of another, a loved one, one that can see you, one that has one of your belongings it goes on. Sometimes your life’s wish is to say good bye, sometimes it’s just because you’re not noticed enough. It could be anyone under possession... So watch your dull heads, a ghost of limbo may be above you.

Tarot (tar-oh): Tarot cards are paranormal cards that over take their host




Orique was sitting on her black leather chair, playing tetris on face-book as always. Orique was a girl, an albino child, very separate from the rest, she has never had boy friend, or any friends in that matter. She was slightly proud of that, at least she could beat anyone up in a fight. She heard tapping of feet outside her room, it was a person running. Orique slightly smiled to herself and remembered the last time she opened the door because someone was running outside, she was in a panic, thinking the house was on fire or something...well now she has a broken door-hinge.

She walked away from her game, and creaked her feet to the door, slowly opening it at the side. It was Andrew, running back to his room.
“Hi Andrew, are you ok?”
Orique noticed Andrew’s face, pale with a slight green hint. Andrew had his notebook in his hand open at a page with scribbled letters

Andrew began to scribble in his book again and showed Orique quickly
“Don’t be sick here! Come on, I’ll let you use my bathroom, I don’t want you throwing up half way to your room!”
Orique said and showed him into the room, Andrew began to sketch more letters into his book.
“No time for that, GO!”
Orique snatched his hand away from writing and lead him to the bathroom in her room.
“Aw man, see what you’ve done, I’ve lost my tetris game now!
Orique said and ran back to her computer screen
“Damnit, I lost a rank”
Orique hurried her hand to her mouse and began another game, trying to ignore the sounds of Andrew throwing up in the other room

“Uhh, Orique... I think I need some help here”
Orique sighed and paused the game
“Look, I’m not a time limit here!”
Orique sighed again and ran into the bath room
“Holy shit!”
Orique shot back
“Right if this is a joke, I’m not dealing with it. I’m done with magic and stuff; I’ve had enough of that!”
Card were scattered inside the sink, Andrew coughed, another card split out
“The stars”
Andrew said low voiced as he jolted forward.
Orique questioned backing away from Andrew, who now had his head down facing the ground. Andrew spat on the ground...blood came out and in a groggy voice he began to speak.
“Allow...the hanged”
his sentence cut off and he spat again
Andrew spat again and began to lift into the air; Orique stepped behind again with widened eyes at the horrifying sight. Andrew spat a third time
“Allow the hanged man to...Uhuh”
Andrew’s groggy voice left a echo. Andrews head touched the top of the room and grazed off the side as he turned over, head facing the floor, feet on the ceiling.
Andrew dropped to the ground quickly into the pile blood-spit he had made.
“Uh, uh...”
Andrew blinked his eyes in an attempt to control his sanity.
“Thank god your girly again”
Orique said dropping to the ground in relief, sliding across the white painted wall.
“Hey, I’m not girly!”
Andrew objected putting a hand on his bloodied head. He brushed the top of his hair.
“Did you shave my head?!”
Andrew said leaning forward, landing his left hand into a blood puddle.
“No, I’m afraid...you did that to yourself”
Orique said with a sigh
“Am I going to have to explain it? Because I can’t really”

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