Want to know???

The artical comp for the huffington post!!!!


1. Hey want to know????

Hi,I'm a teen {I class myself as one as I 11} I'm telling YOU that teen reading has definatley not died out, I gave my friend who is the same age as me and she hates books the movellas website and BAM now she loves books!!! Most teens wont be seen dead with a book but you never know what happens when you can't see!!!! Movellas for exaple, look how many teens read and write books everyday!!!You know i would have never put my pen to paper had I not discovered movellas. It breaks my heart to hear that people think that teens will stop reading!!! :( You know it's not all about judging teens by what they don't do, it's what they try to cover up doing!!!! I.E. some of the people at my school wont be seen dead in the library but I've heard that they enjoy reading online! It's not hard, all you have to do is look inside the teenager in question, millions read everyday with out anybody knowing! It simple all YOU have to do is WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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