Forgetting Forever

For Carissa McVeigh moving was nothing new, she lived her first five years of her life in a suit case - Staying in different hotels and apartments all around Ireland with her dad who was a work addict .
But this was her biggest move yet - from Ireland to America.
What would her new life bring?


4. The Visit.


I heard a tapping, at first I thought it was just the sink but it was louder than that. It was more of a swooshing, then a tap as if somebody was running their foot along the ground. I rubbed my hair with a towel and then slowly opened the bathroom door. I looked right and left - there was nobody in the hallway. I walked left up the hallway to where I thought the sound was coming from, it led me to a door at the very end of the hallway. I tried the handle but it was locked. There was a gap at the side of the door where it has been worn away from rubbing against the wall so much. I peered through it. I saw a flash of ballet shoes and I fell back from the gap in surprise, Nobody. Was. Supposed. To. Be. Here but me. I stood up and looked through the gap again, nobody was there now. Was I seeing things? “Not going to find me in there, love” said a voice from behind me.

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