Forgetting Forever

For Carissa McVeigh moving was nothing new, she lived her first five years of her life in a suit case - Staying in different hotels and apartments all around Ireland with her dad who was a work addict .
But this was her biggest move yet - from Ireland to America.
What would her new life bring?


2. The House.


The neighborhood was average. Two rows of houses facing each other, 25 on each side. The houses with any signs of life were painted pastel colors with white picket fences. On the other had the others had peeling paint and waist height grass. The taxi pulled up at probably the most modern looking house on this not so modern looking street. It was a two story house painted light blue with a big white door.

"That'll be $20" said the taxi man. I handed over the money. I walked over to the picket fence, opened the gate and walked up a couple of wooden steps. I searched in my purse for the key and slipped it into the lock, after figuring out which way it turned the door creaked open. The first thing that hit me was the smell of coffee, this was dad's trademark. Maybe he was still home.. I rushed into the kitchen and found an empty pot of coffee and a mug in the sink. He'd gone to work, but he'd left a note

Dear Lissa,

hope you like the new house.. Your room is upstairs 4nd on the left


D x

I climbed up the marble stairs two steps at a time. When I reached upstairs I counted the doors as I went, 1. My Dads bedroom, 2. The Bathroom, 3. Spare bathroom, 4. I came to a closed door, it was weird because all the other doors were new and pine but this one was old, chipped and mahogany. I turned the handle and opened the door. Inside was not what I expected, it was HUGE, bigger than any room I've had before ! With a Victorian four poster double bed, a desk, balcony and a wardrobe. Wow, Good job dad. Most of my stuff was unpacked apart from a few boxes of clothes which were sitting on the floor. I jumped onto the bed and lay down. I drifted off for a while.

I woke up at 3pm, it was freezing. I pulled got underneath the covers and stretched out my body, my foot touched something cold. I pulled the covers off the bed to find a old tattered journal with a brown leather cover.

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