Forgetting Forever

For Carissa McVeigh moving was nothing new, she lived her first five years of her life in a suit case - Staying in different hotels and apartments all around Ireland with her dad who was a work addict .
But this was her biggest move yet - from Ireland to America.
What would her new life bring?


1. Moving.

The flight here wasn't so bad, a little bit long - but alright, dad had flown over two night before to get everything ready. Well all that we had. It's not that we were poor or anything, it's just that when you've been moving and traveling as much as I have.. Things get lost, Stolen, Broken, ruined. So you always find yourself feeling lighter when you move, not just luggage wise - Personality wise as well. Its like a blank sheet of paper. A new start, did anything wrong? Nobody will know, nobody will judge.

      Let me introduce myself. My names Carrisa McVeigh and I'm just a normal girl born in Galway, Ireland. I'm 15 and my mother died in a car accident when I was 5 years old. My dad was in the car accident too and my unborn baby brother, but my dad survived with a fractured skull and 5 broken ribs. Yeah, sucks doesn't it? But you get over it.

The Airplane touched down  in California. The seat belt light blinked green, followed by the clicks of the seat belts in the plane. The air outside was sickly hot compared to the weather in Ireland. It would take some time to get used to this I could tell. I left the airport, I had no bags - dad had that all with him. All I had was my purse, phone and a set of keys to the new house. I signaled at taxi to stop, took a breath. I was never a nervous person and I couldn't really tell if I was sweating from the heat or from being half an hour away from a new life - again. My knees were weak and I though if I didn't sit down I was going to faint.

The bright yellow taxi pulled up and a friendly looking man rolled down the window. "47 Winzer Street," I said through the window - and he nodded. I sat into the cab.

I could do this. A new start.

A blank page.

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