Forgetting Forever

For Carissa McVeigh moving was nothing new, she lived her first five years of her life in a suit case - Staying in different hotels and apartments all around Ireland with her dad who was a work addict .
But this was her biggest move yet - from Ireland to America.
What would her new life bring?


6. Hair.

I stood in front of her and sat down, crossed legged, facing her. "Are you the only one I can see?" I asked her. She stared back at me for a few seconds in silence. ''Why do you have blonde hair?'' she asked me, completely ignoring my question. "What? I've always had blonde hair - you ignored my question!" I shot back. She picked up a strand of my hair and I swatted it out of her hand. "Interesting. Her type usually have dark hair" she mumbled to herself. Lex stood up quickly and as soon as she did, she disappeared – right in front of me. I heard a echo of a giggling as she disappeared. I lay back on the floor and looked at the ceiling and after a while I drifted off.

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